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As you know, I adore reading new picture books and sharing the best with you. Here are some new titles for your family to enjoy.

new picture books fall 2013

 bear's song

The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud
We adore this oversized picture book for the fun follow-the-baby bear story and for the gorgeous and detailed illustrations. Little Bear wanders off and it’s up to Papa Bear to find him. Can you find Little Bear on every page?

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great
Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great
by Bob Shea
This is our new favorite picture book – it’s absolutely hysterical! Goat is very irritated when Unicorn moves to town and shows up Goat. Goat made marshmallow squares but Unicorn makes it rain cupcakes. Goat rants:
“Dopey Unicorn! Thinks he’s so great!
How can anyone be friends with that guy?
Look at me! I’m Unicorn! I think I”m so-o-o cool!”
But when Unicorn prances by, he’s amazed by Goat’s cheese, goat’s ability to eat garbage, his ability to head-butt the soccer ball and his cloven hooves. Before you know it, the two are best friends. Goat says, “You know something, Unicorn? I had a feeling we’d be friends.” :) added to: 22 Magical Children’s Books About Unicorns

Big Bear's Big Boat
Big Bear’s Big Boat
by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter
Big Bear gives his little boat to Little Bear and starts to build a new, big boat. He’s got a dream in his head and it turns out just the way he wants. But then, his well-meaning friends offer him advice to make the boat better — a mast says Beaver, a cabin says Blue Heron, a top deck says Otter. Big Bear adds in their suggestions but doesn’t like his big boat anymore. He tells his friends thank you but he needs to stick with his dream, and returns the boat to just what it was. The lesson? Stick with your own dreams. Don’t let others tell you what your dreams should be. A sweet story and lovely illustrations!

gruff the grump
Gruff the Grump
by Steve Smallman, illustrated by Cee Biscoe
Gruff the Grump doesn’t even think about being rude and grumpy, not until rabbit tells him that he hurts her feelings. It makes Gruff stop and think about his actions. A lovely story of friendship with a great life-lesson for our grumpy children.

The Chicken Problem
The Chicken Problem
by Jennifer Oxley, illustrated by Billy Aronson
Have you seen the new PBSKids program, Peg and Cat? It’s super cute and mathematically inclined. (Yay!) This is a Peg and Cat picture book story their perfect picnic that goes totally crazy with runaway chickens.Peg is “totally freaking out” and needs to get the one hundred chickens back in the coop. Peg and Cat must solve the chicken problem fast. I love the illustrations, the problem solving main characters, and the silly story, and I think you will love it, too.

Don't Be Afraid to Say No
Don’t Be Afraid to Say No!
by Ilona Lammertink & Lucie Georger
A cautionary tale reminding kids that when you say yes to please your friends, you may just regret it – that no is okay to say to friends. This is more of a teaching book than one to read for entertainment.

The Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives LIFETIME
by Lola M. Schaefer illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal
A wild animal and number picture book for nature enthusiasts. “In one lifetime this caribou will grow and shed 10 sets of antlers. / In one lifetime, this alligator will build 22 nests and lay 550 eggs.”

Tap the Magic Tree
Tap the Magic Tree
by Christie Matheson
Who doesn’t love an interactive picture book? The tree is bare, tap it four times and turn the page. Leaves! Tap it again, more leaves. Rub, jiggle, shake, knock, clap, and pat your way through the four seasons of an apple tree’s growth cycle. Fun and impossible to resist! ADDED TO: Best Interactive Books for Children

Ann and Nan are Anagrams
Ann and Nan are Anagrams: A Mixed-Up Word Dilemma
by Mark Shulman & Adam McCauley
Anagrams are words that when mixed up spell different words or phrases using all the letters. The authors make it easy to tell by putting the anagrams in similar fonts and tell the story of a mixed-up word world. This would be a fantastic book for an elementary classroom.
“Bring me to your AUNT. She’s A NUT.”
“Poor Grandma! What a VILE, EVIL way to LIVE.”

The First Drawing
The First Drawing
by Mordicai Gerstein
I’m a fan of this author/illustrator already. This new story imagines that you are the boy in the story, living in cave-man times. You’re always seeing shapes in rocks and clouds but your family never does. Finally, in exasperation, you start to draw. You’ve invented drawing! It’s interesting but lacking in plot.

Batman Battle in Metropolis
Batman Battle
in Metropolis

A DC comic book in picture book form with another amazing adventure of Batman. Well-done.

Walking on Earth and Touching the Sky
Walking on Earth & Touching the Sky: Poetry and Prose
by Lakota Youth at Red Cloud Indian School edited by Timothy P. McLaughlin painted by S. D. Menlson
What is life like for kids who live in two worlds – the Lakota culture, the present day world? honest and convicting.
Tears fall from my face
As I walk the lonely grass.
To a place unknown.
– Kristie Tapio
Who Am I?
I am a rose in a patch of weeks.
I am a storybook mixed in with some dictionaries.
I am a chokecherry bush surrounded by oak trees.
I am a window that is broken.
. . . I am an Indian surrounded by white people. . . . I am a block that tries to fit into a circle.
– Dusty Black Elk


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