1st Grade Summer Reading List of Books

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Keep your soon-to-be 1st (first) graders, ages 6 and 7, practicing their growing reading skills with the best, most highly recommended first grade books!

These are favorite books for beginning readers from the easiest books with a few words per page to beginning chapter books with a sentence per page. (For my kids, this was first grade but for some kids, it’s earlier and for other children, it’s later. All stages of growth are fine!) You can find harder books on my summer reading list for second graders and more 5- and 6- year old book recommendations here.

Keep your first grade kids reading lots and lots of books this summer vacation!

Remember to help your 1st graders figure out those hard-to-read words with word attack strategies beyond the typical (and often useless) “sound it out.” Try these word attack strategies & download the free printable bookmark.

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All Recommended Easy Readers

All Recommended Beginning Chapter Books

1st Grade Books: Summer Reading List (Ages 6 – 7)

If your 1st grade child loves a book, get more books by the same author or in the same series. Keep them reading as much as you can! And, if you need more ideas, you can always email me.

First Grade Beginning Readers (EASY)

This list of beginning readers are first grade books with only a few words per page, perfect for kids who are entering first grade and just beginning to read. (Sight words are really important at this stage – download free printable sight word cards.)

If your 1st grader is looking for silly books, read:

If your 1st grade child likes stories about real life and friendship, try:

If your 1st grader likes animal stories, try reading:

Find MORE easy readers with reviews for first grade age children readers HERE.

First Grade Easiest Chapter Books

Easy chapter books have pictures with words. The easiest chapter books have just a few sentences per page. Try these first grade favorites…

(If you want to read my reviews of each of these books, go here.)

FUNNY Easiest Chapter Books

FRIENDSHIP Easiest Chapter Books

First Grade Easy Chapter Books for Summer Reading

Easy chapter books have bigger text with pictures every few pages. These books listed range from middle of 1st grade to beginning of second-grade reading levels.

(Go here for a harder 2nd-grade chapter book list.)

If your first grader likes animal main characters, read:

If your 1st grade children like funny books, try:

If your 1st grade kids like realistic books, read:

If your 1st graders like adventure & fantasy books, try:

If your first grader likes nonfiction, read:

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1st Grade Summer Reading Book List


Summer Reading Lists for Kids
Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids

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