Stop the Summer Slide with Educational Apps

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Affiliate Links 150 2Are you keeping your kids learning this summer? Beat any boredom blues and keep your kids’ minds engaged with educational apps.

Educational Apps

educational apps
Grandpa in Space $1.99
Grandpa in Space is SO CUTE with lots of learning! Pick a planet, build a rocket to take you there, watch videos of real astronauts, do math addition problems, learn facts about the planet, play games like match up the aliens and other math-themed games, and get souvenirs of your trip. Grandpa’s voice is fantastic – and we think this app is awesome.

educational apps
WWF (World Wildlife Federation) Together FREE
Wow is this a beautiful ebook app! Lovely background music accompanies gorgeous photography with well-written, digestible facts about animals.

educational apps
Tower Math $.99
We love this educational math app – it’s tons of fun. Kids actually want to practice math facts so they can build more towers to rescue the numbers. Pick the levels and kind of math you want to do – the advanced is HARD so be warned.

educational apps
DIY Sun Science FREE
Activities are divided up into any day, sunny day activities like make your own sun cookie with step by step photos of directions with information about the topic plus related videos and how to make a UV detector. Fantastic. Very well-made and explained, makes science seem fun.

Number Neighborhood
Drive About Number Neighborhood $2.99
Drive your car and stop along the road (or ocean) to play simple number games.

Alph Betty
Alph and Betty $2.99
An alliterative story about the craziness that happened when a big carrot made Alph and Betty’s house tilt with playful games such as matching up words along the way. I loved the vintage, collage artwork.

educational apps
My Incredible Body $4.99
SO cool I can’t stand it. We LOVE this educational app. Check out your body systems such as the brain, stomach, bones, organs, muscles, and heart with unbelievable 3D views. It’s narrated and provides written facts about what part you’ve clicked on. Totally fascinating – you can’t help but want to learn more about your incredible body.

educational apps
Build a Body FREE
Another great body app – drag organs to their correct places in the body. If you have the right spot, it snaps into place. Each time you touch an organ, it tells you information about it. Switch between digestive, respiratory, skeletal, nervous, excretory and circulatory systems. A+++ for this fantastic learning app!

educational apps
Pet Bingo $1.99
A cute and lively math facts educational app with 3 levels of difficulty. Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division and answer math equations with the answers a bingo board. Each flip of an answer gives you a cartoon pet picture. When you get bingo you get a pet to keep who you can take care of and feed.

educational apps
Squeebles Maths Race $1.99
Try to get your fish to the finish line first. Each question you answer correctly lets you move closer to the finish. Pick from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division in four levels of difficulty. When you win, you earn squabbles and flipfish to use in your races. Play against the computer or a friend. An enjoyable educational app for practicing those math facts.

educational apps
Once Upon a Story $1.99
Use story cards in this app for kids to invent and tell stories. . . Tell a 30 second story (there’s a timer) or a regular ol’ silly story or play with a friend and together tell a silly story – pass iPad back and forth and using the picture cards in the app. It’s all oral – not written. I really wish this had a way to record these stories because that would be even better. However, I think it’s a great creativity boosting app.

educational apps
Odysseus for Kids $3.99
Narrator shares this story which you can read as well. I like how easy it is to understand and follow along with. Each of the 15 chapters has challenge games such as spot the difference to win cards for the family album. A map shows you where the story takes place. The sound effects and music are great but can be turned off. (I wish I had this in college.)

educational apps
Toonia TwinMatch FREE
This app is very much like Majong for little kids. Match the titles of fruit – but only the ones on the outside edges can be matched and removed. Totally absorbing & addicting. We really like it – it’s a great 1 person puzzle game.

Todo MathTodo Math FREE
Start at the beginning levels of number tracing and follow along their prescribed curriculum. If you sign up with your email, which I didn’t, I think you can get a more personalized user profile and progress report. Perfect for preschoolers.

Toca Robot Lab
Toca Robot Lab $2.99
This app isn’t really educational but if you haven’t seen it, you’ll want to download it. My kids love building the robots and doing the mazes.

Toca Town
Toca Town $2.99
Another not-really-educational app but never the less, totally enjoyable for kids. (Got to love Toca apps!)

educational apps to stop the summer slide

Enjoy your summer. Keep those kids playing and learning. 🙂

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