An Outdoor Family Game Called Boochie

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Try Boochie by Gameright to encourage your entire family to play outside. Boochie is our family’s favorite outdoor, active game – both kids (now 6 and 9) can play it for at least three color rotations.

outdoor family game

See this large orange ball? Throw it somewhere in front of your group.

outdoor family game

To start playing, each player chooses a color and gets a ring, ball and wrist score keeper. All players throw their rings and balls toward the large orange ball. outdoor family game

Read the orange ball and score accordingly on your wrist scorekeeper. (Great math practice!) Now you start again. Throw the orange ball first, then you throw your rings and balls. BUT, if you’ve scored, you will need to read how to throw the hoop and ball. (Tonight I had to throw it on my back one time, leaning on one elbow another. JJ threw upside down and backward. AJ got to kneel.)

outdoor family game

The winner is the person who gets to 11 first!

outdoor family game

Boochie is made by Gamewright. I think you’ll love it as much as we do. Or maybe you already do. What other outside games do you enjoy with your family?


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  1. What a fun game. I’m going to look into that! I love things that get the family playing together AND get us all up & moving. Thanks!

  2. What a fun game to take to crew races. The gang can play while waiting for the boats to go by!