More Learning Apps for Kids

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Ready for new learning apps for your kids? Here are six new learning apps that we’re loving for writing, reading, and storytelling.

Learning Apps for Kids

Learning Apps for Kids
Superhero HD
Ready to be amazed? This comic strip learning app is so stinking cool, I can hardly stand it! Because it’s not just making a comic with scenes — each of those scenes can become little movies. So, first you’ll pick your setting, characters and accessories which include numbers and letters to make your own words and sentences. Then you can draw on the scene  with colored pencils or crayons. Settings include: rocket ship, space, tall buildings, wild west, castle, desert, under the ocean, racetrack, bedroom, and more. Characters are a variety of monsters and superheroes. Accessories range from hats to lightening bolts to animals and shields. When you are ready, record and narrate the action while you move your characters around.

Learning Apps for Kids
Kerpoof Tell a Story $2.99

In this fantastic sticker storytelling app, the characters are dinosaurs and the settings are a variety of scenes in dinosaur times. Kids love it! For each story frame, it’s simple to drag and drop new characters and accessories rocks, spiders, or trees. Easily change the dinosaur’s expression, pose or size with just a touch. And, you get to record the sounds (words) that each character says. “Wowza!” Finally, type the section of the story to accompany your characters and setting. If you want, you can easily make the text a speech bubble! When you’re done with that story frame, you’ll continue adding more until the story is done. You can create up to a 30 page story. This is one of the best, well-made apps I’ve reviewed!

Learning Apps for Kids
Madagascar ABC FREE

Trace letters in the savannah in the most unique ways (follow the flowers or steaks) and you’ll hear the letter, the letter sound, and words that start with that letter. Trace the letter again and you’ll hear an alliterative sentence using that letter. The third time you trace, the trail will be gone so you try to do it on your own. But, if you mess up, it gives you help. Now you’ll hear a song with lots of words that start with the letter. Another option is to decorate letters with stickers with things that start with that letter. Like the other game, you’ll hear the letter and it’s sound. I love how much reinforcement the learning app provides kids for learning the letter. The last game is a Sticker Safari with binoculars. A super learning app for kids ages 3-5.

Learning Apps for Kids
Learn with Homer FREE

A free and fun learn to read app for kids ages 3 – 6 with games and stories.

Learning Apps for Kids
A Day in the Market FREE

Gorgeous illustrations accompany the story of a young Cubana girl going to market with her Nanay. A narrator reads the story. Each page has some interactive element you must do before turning to the next page. I love it but kids might not. Let me know!

Learning Apps for Kids
Neomad $2.99

This sci-fi 60 page story app is so cool. Boys especially will be drawn into the fascinating mixture of live action movie and comic book pages. The futuristic story takes place in the Australian Outback where a group of day-glo painted boys discover mysterious space junk- and the adventure across the cosmos begins.  The comic rocks – seriously beautiful illustrations, and movement of the different frames, the interactive elements. What’s even MORE awesome, is that the group of boys, the Love Punks, are real children who helped make the story and app to celebrate their Indigenous cultural heritige. Read more about the Neomad app kids here.

Learning Apps for Kids

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Learning Apps for Kids

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