Fanciful Grammar App for Kids

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Imagine your kids playing with grammar. And enjoying it. Unless you’re a geeky English major like me, that probably isn’t something you imagine. But I’ve discovered a grammar app for kids called Sleep Furiously that is goofy, funny, and 100% grammar geeky — that my kids love.

The name Sleep Furiously comes from the sentence linguist Noam Chomsky coined to demonstrate this concept 60 years ago: “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

Sleep Furiously grammar game

Fanciful Grammar App for Kids

We know that sentences need subjects and predicates (nouns and verbs). We know there are specific rules for sentences. We also know that sentence can be grammatical but nonsensical.

You’ll see a grid of jumbled words.

The goal is to connect words that form a grammatically complete sentence. Whether or not it makes sense is beside the point. In fact, it’s most hilarious when it doesn’t make sense.

Sleep Furiously grammar game

Points are scored by the amount of words you have in your sentence.

Sleep Furiously


Buy Sleep Furiously for $2.99 on Android or iTunes.

Fanciful Grammar App for Kids

Sleep Furiously grammar app game for kids

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