Pick and Draw Drawing Game for Kids

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The card game, Pick and Draw, takes learning the basics of cartoon faces and makes it into a fun drawing game for kids and families and was created by Rich Davis, the illustrator of the Tiny and Kell book series.

Davis created this $10 card game using basic shapes to broken down into categories of features — face, mouth, etc. The cards give kids thousands of possible cartoon face possibilities.

Not only that, basic shapes such as ovals, circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles help kids see the geometry foundation of the overall structure of what they draw.

How to Play Pick and Draw

Start with stacks of cards in categories: face, eyes, hair, nose, mouth.

drawing game for kids

Each person picks one card from each category. Now you have a cartoon face just ready to be created.

Pick and Draw

Ready? See what you will make!

drawing game pick and draw

You never know what kind of face you’ll draw.

I like that while your drawing, you’re learning about how basic shapes are foundational in illustration. But, I really like that it’s a fun way to spend time with the family.

Pick and Draw game

Would your kids like this game?

fun drawing game for kids

Rich also wrote a book, The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities, for educators or homeschoolers to use with children for a variety of purposes. I’ve not seen the book but it appears to be a helpful resource.

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super fun drawing game for kids: Pick and Draw

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