Gifts for Baby Showers: Board Books

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Help baby grow up to be a reader by giving board books as gifts for baby showers. Babies and toddlers love interactive books — books with things to touch, pull, lift, and slide like today’s round-up of newly published board books.

Happy reading!

Interactive Board Books

On My Beach Board Book
On My Beach
by Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich
Wiggle the crab puppet with your finger as he races over the sand, hides in tide pools, and digs a cool sandy bed. Adorable! (See also: On My Leaf, In My Meadow, and In My Tree.)

Bizzy Bear Board Book
Bizzy Bear Knights’ Castle
by Benji Davies
Little fingers can pull down Bizzy Bear’s helmet, move his sword, help his horse gallop and more in this tour of Bizzy Bear’s castle activities. (See also: Bizzy Bear: Fire Rescue! and Bizzy Bear: Pirate Adventure.)

Hop Hop Bunny
Hop, Hop Bunny: A Follow-Along Book 
by Betty Ann Schwartz, Lynn Seresin, illustrated by Neiko Ng
It’s hard to know how to even describe this unique board book. A sturdy cardboard rabbit waits on a ribbon for little fingers to hop in the opening between the red flowers to the next page, and on each subsequent page go through the holes. It’s a great for fine motor skills because the openings aren’t too big, requiring some skill to put the bunny through.

Take a Look Bunny board book
Take a Look, Bunny
by Liesbet Slegers
Pull out the page and watch as the little girl joins Bunny to play. They’re at the park, in a ball pit, in a sandbox and on a trampoline. I love the little girl reveal in each picture.

goodnight goodnight construction site board book
Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
by Sheri Duskey Rinker and Tom Llichtenheld
As the trucks get ready to end their day and go to sleep, make the sounds by pressing one of the five picture sounds when the book indicates. The backing up sound is quite realistic!

by Giuliano Ferri
No words are needed in this sweet board book. Each page shows an animal covering his or her face. Lift the paws or hooves to see what animal it is. Peek-a-boo! Beautiful illustrations.

Lines Everywhere board book
Lines Everywhere
by Jimi Lee
A cut-out line in the book turns into all sorts of things — an arrow, a see-saw, chopsticks, a diving board, and so on. This is an amazing concept book that left me delighted in the beauty of a simple line.

Guess What? Flowers board book
Guess What? Flowers
by Yusuke Yonezu
This book is so fun. Lift the flaps and the illustrations become something else! Daisies become a sheep. A marigold becomes a rooster. A dandelion becomes an actual lion. See if you can guess what each flap will uncover. (See also: Guess What? Sweet Treats.)

You're Tutu Cute board book
You’re Tutu Cute
by Sandra Magsamen
Lift the flap to finish the questions in this girly, pink and ballet loving bear book. If you are a twirly, dancing girl then you’re “tutu cute” says the colorful book.

I Love You Snugglesaurus board book
I Love You, Snugglesaurus
by Sandra Magsamen
Do you stomp your feet to the beat and growl for fun and give hugs at night? Then you must be “my snugglesaurus!” Lift the flaps and feel the cover’s soft squishy heart.

by Yusuke Yonezu
Try to figure out what the colored shape could be. Turn the page to find out. The square could be a pot or a book. The rectangle could be a door or a block or a candle. The questions and peek through shapes make this an engaging book for littles learning their shapes. (See also: Circles.)


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  1. Wow, thank you for your recommendations, your article was a real discovery for me. I think I’ll find some of the books on your list at the nearest bookstore!

  2. I love interactive board books and I’ve never seen these. Thanks, Melissa 🙂