Dot-to-Dots That Will Blow Your Mind (& a Giveaway)

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When I read through Dr. Toy’s top 100 best toys, I saw Monkeying Around’s Dot to Dot books. I wondered what could make a dot-to-dot book that different than any other dot-to-dot book – enough to win an award?

Dot to Dot Books for Big Kids

These aren’t your preschooler’s dot-to-dots.

They’re the coolest dot to dot pictures you’ll ever see designed by David Kalvitis. You can’t guess (or at least I can’t) what the picture will be until it’s done.

The books start out with a sizeable amount of numbers to connect, the lowest number of dots in Book 1 is 33, the highest number in Book 1 is 350. Which means these are for older kids — eight and up. (Terri at Monkeying Around said their books are very popular with senior citizens!)

Some puzzles even cover 2 pages.

Book 5 has a puzzle with 1365 dots!

Therapeutic Benefits

I spent a flight to Orlando doing The Greatest Dot-to-Dot! Adventure: Book 1. I’m telling you, it’s surprisingly relaxing and incredibly fun. I never would have thought . . .

Oh, and my kids like these dot-to-dots, too. JJ not as much as AJ because she’s younger (7 years old). AJ (10 years old) has her book open on the dining room table. She spends 10 – 20 minutes at a time on her puzzles, when she wants some down time. Then leaves it for later.

Sample Puzzles to Print

David made us at Imagination Soup our own Dot-to-Dot!
Super Challenge Samples
More Sample Puzzles

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28 Responses

  1. Stephanie West says:

    my kids aren’t into puzzle books, but hubby and I LOVE them. I like fill-ins and he prefers Soduku. I’m looking forward to working these!

  2. The girls love highlights math puzzle books.

    1. I hate math but it sounds fun

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