New Favorite Coding Toy for Kids: Cubetto

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We absolutely love Cubetto — it’s our new favorite coding toy designed for young kids to learn coding skills as early as age three to six in preschool but also educational and fun for older kids as well. (Like my daughter.)

Cubetto is an adorable wooden robot with a wooden screenless(!) coding control board and function blocks that introduces kids not just coding skills like sequential thinking and looping but map reading and ecosystems as well.


SO MUCH learning!

New Favorite Coding Toy for Kids: Cubetto

Cubetto Kickstarter April 2018

Cubetto launched in 2016 and was one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history. Now they’ve launched a new Kickstarter campaign for 2018. Go HERE to see the details.

This Kickstarter features a new adventure through the African Savannah that includes a colorful map, a beautifully illustrated story book, and collectible cards for more coding activities, navigation tasks and games.

New Favorite Coding Toy for Kids: Cubetto

Why We Love Cubetto

First off, my daughter and I love the Cubetto robot’s cuteness. “It’s adorable and super cool,” is a direct quote from my daughter.

Second, we really like that Cubetto does not require any screens — no ipads, no mobile devices! And, it’s mostly wooden which to me feels very natural.

New Favorite Coding Toy for Kids: Cubetto

Third, we love the ease of use! The instructions to learn about Cubetto’s functions are written so that readers (or kids listening to adults read it to them) will easily understand. The booklet of directions clearly explains how the wooden board, the blocks with different functions such as forward, left,  and right, and the World Map all work.

New Favorite Coding Toy for Kids: Cubetto

Fourth, I am so impressed with the World Map geography and science integration. The map is a cloth grid for learning and practicing coding your Cubetto robot. On it are the the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. The “Cubetto’s First Day” book teaches kids about directions but also teaches kids about different environments like the desert or mountains. Kids practice moving squares to swim in the river or go to the mountains.

This booklet gives information like “The river brings water and makes the land fertile for farming” then asks questions like “Can you think of any crops that are grown for us to eat?” followed by directions “Take Cubetto to the mountains, choose the path yourself!

Teachers and parents, don’t you love this extra learning? It’s not just STEM coding but also geography and science, too. Visit the Primo Toys website for more learning ideas and activities.

Watch a short video we made and posted to Instagram.

New Favorite Coding Toy for Kids: Cubetto

We highly recommend this coding toy because it’s such a high-quality product.

If you want to purchase this playset, you can still find it on Amazon here. Currently, Primo Toys has closed their shop until the Kickstarter campaign is over. I can’t wait to see what else launches from that!

New Favorite Coding Toy for Kids: Cubetto

I’ve added Cubetto to my Best Coding Toys, Classes, Websites, Games, and Apps post.

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