Photo Story Starter Idea for Kids

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I have the easiest writing idea for you to use with your kids . . . take photos of dolls or figurines for a story starter idea!

It all started when my daughter said, “What should I do, mom?”

I replied, “Why don’t you take those Easter chicks and make up a story. Take photos and then write about what happens.”

(The chicks were an impulse purchase on a recent trip to a craft store. You could easily substitute any figurine or doll. My kids even invent stories with their little hand sanitizers in cute cases. They live in their own community on what used to be the cat’s scratching post. I’m thinking that could be the next story!)

Photo Story Starter Idea for Kids

“What should happen?”

“Well, you need a protagonist.”

“What’s that?”

“A good guy.”

“And then you need conflict. Maybe something bad happens. Or there is a bad person, the antagonist.”

“Okay! I have an idea!”

Well, that was easier than I expected.

So, a plot was formed. Photos were taken. And the story began to take shape called “Romeo and Chickalet.” (Her sister is in the Shakespeare play at school.)

Photo Story Starter Idea for Kids

JJ just started to write her own blog so this was an opportunity for her to learn how to resize and insert photos. She’s still in process on this.

Photo Story Starter Idea for Kids

But, you could easily insert the photos on a Word document with space underneath for writing. Like this:

Photo Story Starter Idea for Kids

Or you could print out the photos and your child could cut them out and paste onto construction paper that you make into a book.

Whatever you do, have fun with this! And comment below if you have good ideas for us on what other types of figures or publishing options you could use for the story.

Photo Story Starter Idea for Kids

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  1. I agree that photos/pictures are fantastic as writing prompts, not just for kids, but for us adults 🙂