Best Geometry Apps for Kids

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Affiliate Links Preschoolers and elementary age kids can all benefit from learning shapes and geometry at their age-appropriate level with these geometry apps. I’ve organized them by younger ages to older so if you have older kids, scroll down about halfway.

Geometry Apps for Kids

Geometry Apps for Kids
Busy Shapes $1.99 (ages 2 – 4)
Learn to recognize shapes (the actual shape, not the name of the figure) as you solve the 112 simple puzzles in this well-designed app for toddlers and preschoolers.

Geometry Apps for Kids
Geoboard FREE
(ages 4+)
Although a real geoboard with rubber bands is much better, this virtual one will do in a pinch. It’s also a great geometry app for kids that is free.

Geometry Apps for Kids
Tiggly Stamp FREE (ages 4+)
The geometric shapes transform into something fun for the picture — a scarecrow, a turkey, an apple, a leaf – that goes with the background of winter or fall. What a fun math app for preschooler age kids.

Geometry Apps for Kids
Shape Builder $2.99
(ages 4+)
Kids don’t actually learn the shapes but it’s still a practice game. Players move the shape pieces into the puzzles including letters, animals, and more. This geometry app for kids helps learners orient visual thinking towards shapes.

Geometry Apps for Kids
Tiggly Safari FREE 
(ages 4+)
Match the 3D shapes to rapidly moving shapes across the screen. (This is a bit tricky but talk about good motor skill practice!) You can make pictures with your jungle animals and learn about each animal.

Tiggly Shapes
Tiggly Shape Toys
To play the above Tiggly math apps, you must have the shapes toys: circle, square, triangle, and star. Go here to BUY Tiggly shapes.

Geometry Apps for Kids
DragonBox Elements $4.99
(ages 7+)
A pricey geometry app for kids but with excellent playful learning opportunities, DragonBox Elements helps kids improve logic, problem-solving, and geometry knowledge. If you want to spend the money I think this app is well worth it.

Geometry Apps for Kids
CyberChase Shape Quest 
FREE (ages 6+)
Pick between Patch the Path, Feed the Critters, or Hide and Seek. Print the game board from the PBS Kids website here if you want to play that. Hide and Seek is fun – you must find the squares, or triangles, or shapes with six sides. Feed the Critters is like Angry Birds where you have to angle the dog bone to launch to the animal. Some of the functionality isn’t great –it’s hard to get back to the home screen — but it’s free so no money loss.

Geometry Apps for Kids
The Land of Venn $4.99 (ages 6+)
Fruits and vegetables defeat the evil wizard by drawing lines, shapes and other geometric concepts in this battle for good and all things geometric. This app does a great job of teaching you the concept, then having you practice in action-packed game play, and ending with reinforcement of the concept. A very silly accent narrates the story and game. Fun!

Geometry Apps for Kids
Montessori Geometry $3.99
(ages 6 – 8)
This is a beautiful math app for learning different geometric shapes in 2D and 3D with games like shape hunting cities, mix and match, odd one out, and shape sort. Very well done.

Geometry Apps for Kids
Splash Math FREE, $9.99
(ages 8 – 10)
We love this practice and play math app for each grade level with prizes and reports on progress. Here’s a 2nd grade example question: What is the place of the underlined digit? 79 = ones. I like the option of a scratch pad where kids can work out the problem with their fingers. Concepts covered are place value, numbers sense, addition strategies, 2 digit addition, subtraction strategies, 2 digit subtraction, time, measurements, geometry, data, money, 3 digit addition, and 3 digit subtraction.

Geometry Apps for Kids
Bloxy World Bricks for Kids FREE (ages 9 – 11)
Like Minecraft, you build in 3D using bricks. Which isn’t learning about geometry as much as practicing spatial awareness and logic.

Geometry Apps for Kids
Geometry Dash FREE / $1.99

This has very little to do with learning geometry…It’s basically a game trying to navigate your square dude. But, there are geometric shapes so I thought I’d include it. 🙂

Geometry Apps for Kids
geoFighter FREE

This is more of a general geometry math app that practices not teaches geometry through a game. Your object is to defeat the “evil” geometric shapes. Silly, right?

Geometry Apps for Kids
Monument Valley $3.99 

A beautiful, artistic app of optical illusions where you must solve the puzzles so that the princess can get home. WHOA – talk about complex spatial skills!

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the best geometry apps for kids

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  2. Thank you for picking our Land of Venn-Geometric Defense to this great list of apps and game.