Best Fraction Apps for Kids

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Affiliate Links If your kids are like mine, they strongly dislike math practice, unleess there is technology involved. If your kids need to learn or practice fractions, try one of these best fraction apps for kids. I’ve weeded out the poor apps and think you’ll like all of these here.

Best Fraction Apps for Kids

Best Fraction Apps for Kids
Squeebles Fractions $1.99

Practice your fraction knowledge with cakes! Players must recognize fractions, match equivalent fractions, add fractions, and more in fun games with fractions from halves to twelfths. Love the Squeebles apps!

Best Fraction Apps for Kids

Slice Fractions $2.99
This fun fraction app takes you to the ice age. You’re a cute baby mammoth trying to get pasted blocks of ice, volcanoes, and road problems. To move forward, you’re required to slice the fire or ice blocks into fractional parts – halves, thirds, fourths. The app has great functionality, learning through play, and illustrations. 

Best Fraction Apps for Kids
Fruity Fractions $2.99

This excellent fruity fraction app teaches how to fractions using fruit. Each game includes a teaching point with practice play. The graphics are incredible and I really like how the learning and practice scaffold from easy to more difficult in 50 levels of developmentally appropriate lessons. Kids start by learning how equal slices of fruit are equal fractions and continue to learn more about fractions such as numerator and denominator. Excellent.

Best Fraction Apps for Kids
Fractions Smart Pirate
From simple fractions to equivalent, addition, and comparing with three levels of difficulty, this is a fun fractions app with games a plenty. (The music gets a bit annoying but that’s easily turned off.) Great app!

Best Fraction Apps for Kids
Fraction Monkey $1.99
In Angry Birds style, players launch cupcakes (!!) at the correct answers in 40 levels of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.

Best Fraction Apps for Kids
Pearl Diver $.99

This app focuses on whole numbers and fractions on the number line, decimals as fractions, and comparing and ordering decimals and fractions. I like the visual of having a number line but cutting up an electric eel is a bit morbid.

quick fractions
Quick Fractions $1.99
From equivalent fractions to multiplication & division of fractions, this app is not a game but instruction and practice. I like that you can write directly on the screen to get your answer.

Best Fraction Apps for Kids
Math Blaster Hyperblast 2  FREE / $1.99

We love this fun video arcade-type game! addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division,  – each with different lessons and levels of difficulty,  you are on a rocket ship zooming through a tunnel full of dangers you must shoot and destroy and the equation  numbers. Top Pick! Also try Space Zapper.

3rd grade Splash Math
Splash Math 3rd Grade FREE + in app purchases 
The Splash Math apps always provide great games for each math concept. I really like that if you get something wrong, they tell you the correct answer. That way you’re not practicing incorrectly over and over again.

math apps for kids
Marble Math $1.99

The same concept as Marble Math Jr. but for older kids. Three levels starting with problems such as: collecting fractions to add up to 1. A level 2 problem example is collect the missing number: 24 + ? = 51. This app is a fun game-like way to practice math.

best fraction apps for kids

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