Reading and Writing Gifts for Kids

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Affiliate Links Are you looking for reading and writing gifts for kids? Sometimes all it takes for kids (and me) to want to write or read are creative literacy gifts like a new journal or a playful word game. These literacy gifts for kids will inspire them to read more, write more, and appreciate words and stories.

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Reading and Writing Gifts for 2 – 5-Year-Olds

CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game

Use the fishing poles to catch fish with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Also, develop fine motor skills!

LeapFrog Scribble and Write
Kids learn to write upper and lower case letters A – Z and numbers 1 – 10. Instant feedback gives kids help and this adapts to your child’s skills offering a range of levels.

Animal ABC Flash Cards

I’m not a fan of flashcards per se but I love these because these are different, they are like a mini-alphabet book! Sturdy cards on a big ring with engaging illustrations that showcase an animal as well as the big and small letter of the alphabet. Great for on-the-go.

Play-Doh Letters and Language Set
Use the 26 letter stampers, stylus, roller, placemats, and play-doh to practice recognizing letters and letter sounds. Great for developing literacy skills in young readers.

reading gifts for young readers
Elephant and Piggie T-Shirt
I couldn’t resist. Isn’t this an awesome celebration of a favorite book series?

My ABC Keepsake Book
I think the My ABC Book Keepsake is so cute —  it’s filled with eye-catching stickers, punch-out’s and artwork. Create an activity for “A,” a birthday bash for “B”, and a celebration for “C!”

reading gifts for kids
The Pigeon Needs a Bath Book + Bath Toy

Read this favorite hilarious story to your children and let them play with this cute pigeon bath toy. A playful reading gift for young readers.

Reading and Writing Gifts for 6 – 9-Year-Olds

Melissa & Doug See & Spell
50+ piece colorful wooden puzzle with easy to handle letters that fit into 8 2 sided cutout boards to spell 3 and 4 letter words.

18 Writing Gifts for Young Writers
Super Silly Mad Libs Junior 

Perfect for the youngest readers and writers, these are hilarious fill in the blank stories that remind kids about parts of speech and storytelling. Older kids, buy The Best of Mad Libs.

Kids adore this literacy game– it’s a fun way to build reading skills for pre-readers and beginning readers!

Alphabet Slap Jack

Help children learn their upper and lowercase ABCs while playing a fun card game of SlapJack, Go Fish, and Matching games.

18 Writing Gifts for Young Writers - racecar pens
Racecar Pens 

Cool car pens in sport sleek designs. Who wouldn’t want to write with these?

Narwhal and Jelly Book and Puppet Set
If you don’t already love these sweet Narwhal friendship stories perfect for beginning readers, these are must-own books. Aren’t these adorable matching plush characters?

Reading Headlamp

Headlamps beat book lamps for reading hands down. Why? Because they’re hands-free AND have much better light! (All over the page light, not just in one spot.) Plus, how cool are you when you sit in bed with a headlamp?! Gift this reading gift along with a new book for your next holiday.

Magnetic Poetry First Words

120 magnetic word tiles.

Reading and Writing Gifts for Kids Ages 9 – 12

Magical Activity Wall Calendar 2021

Whimsical art combined with interactive fun, silly holidays, and prompts. 

Kids Awesome Activity Calendar 2021

Get creative with this interactive calendar filled with sticker sheets, writing prompts, games, and crafts. 

Illustory Create Your Own Book

Write and illustrate the 18 ready-to-use book pages with the provided pencil and artist eraser, outline pen, and markers. Mail-in a postage-paid envelope and a few weeks later, you’ll receive your professionally printed book! Younger kids, try the Lulu Jr. Illustory.

Top Secret Lock & Key Diary 

What young writer wouldn’t want to write or draw in this top-secret locking notebook of 200 colorful lined pages?

story starter 18 Writing Gifts for Young Writers
Storymatic Kids!
360 cards = gazillions of stories (20 blanks included so you can invent your own prompts). This fun literacy gift for kids comes with a booklet filled with prompts, improv and party games, and suggestions. We own it and love it!


Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

My kids LOVE to write with these yummy smelling and sparkly colorful set of 12 pens. These last forever, too and make a perfect holiday gift for kids.

Top Secret Missions: Detective Set
This fun kit includes a top-secret mission activity book with training and activities on codes, fingerprints, and interrogations plus “Missions” which are fun problem-solving activities.

The Amazing Story Generator
Give this flipbook to your writers, allowing them to randomly combine three different story elements to generate a unique story idea. With hundreds of settings, characters, and plots to mix and match, the possibilities are just about endless. Full review of The Amazing Story Generator here.

Pocket Pals Mini Journals
Set of 5 pocket journals with brightly colored covers and lined pages. The perfect gift for your kids who like to write on the go.

Curbside Trash and Recycle Pencil Organizer
Two adorable mini storage containers that stand over 5-Inch tall — love these!

18 Writing Gifts for Young Writers erasers
School Accessories Eraser Puzzle Set

If your kids love erasers like mine do, they’ll want these cute shoes, scissors, pencil sharpener, stapler, roll of tape, and backpack. This reading and writing gift makes a great stocking stuffer for kids.

Kindle Kids Bundle
Perfect for growing readers, this Kindle Kids Edition offers a black and white glare-free display with no games, no ads, and no videos. It includes many popular book series including Harry Potter.

globe pencil sharpener
Metal Globe Pencil Sharpener 

This Maped Globe Canister Pencil Sharpener is not only educational, but it’s also a lot of fun to use. With a single hole, it is great for sharpening the points of regular lead or colored pencils with the twist of your hand.

Embossed Journal with Lock
Perfect for the teen writer, this is a handcrafted journal with 120 pages of linen parchment paper and a swivel lock. Okay, I wouldn’t mind this gift either.

The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide
Young and not-as-young writers LOVE this book. Flip to any emotion to get ideas for possible body language cues, thoughts, and visceral responses to illustrate that emotion. If your child loves to write stories, this is a helpful gift.  

Bananagrams Game

Brainstorm vocabulary and practice spelling while you build a cool crossword grid and try to beat your friends or family. Addictive fun!

Quiddler Card Game
Think of this like scrabble but with cards. Create words from the cards in your hand — each letter is worth points so players must be strategic. It’s an engaging way for growing readers and writers to develop vocabulary in a fun family time game.

reading gifts for kids: book journal
Bookworm Journal
Keep track of your favorite books with this book lover’s journal. Kids rate their books with stars and write down a few sentences about it, among other activities. Talk about a super cute reading gift!

Harry Potter Funko Pops 

Gifts for Young Readers and Writers
Box Book Sets book series are the best reading gift to give a child… they give your children hours and hours of reading pleasure and they’re fun to collect. I doubt my daughter will ever get rid of her Harry Potter boxed set. Ever. 🙂

Some of the best book boxed sets to give growing readers include:

The Magic Treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne, ages 6 – 8
Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel, ages 7 – 9
I Survived by Lauren Tarshis, ages 8 -10
The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer, ages 9 – 12
Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan, ages 9 – 12
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Dealing with Dragons) by Patricia C. Wrede, ages 10 – 12
Warriors by Erin Hunter, ages 9 – 12
The Wrinkle in Time set by Madeleine L’ Engle, ages 9 – 12
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, ages 12+
The Maze Runner by James Dashner, ages 12+
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Reading and Writing Gifts For Kids Ages 13+

Kindle Fire
For kids who like technology, the Kindle is an enticing way to read. My kids both have their own and go through phases of reading hardbound books and ebooks. It’s nice to have the option of ebooks, especially when you’re traveling and don’t want the weight of heavy books. We think this makes for a wonderful reading gift!

Classic Literature Quote Posters and Framed Prints
Your tweens and teens will love these classic literature quote posters as much as you do. My daughter loves her Alice in Wonderland Six Impossible Things poster– it’s a signature piece in her room decor. But there are SO many quote posters to choose from Moby Dick to Peter Pan. See all your options here.
reading and writing gifts
Audible Membership

My teenage daughter can’t get through an audiobook in three weeks, the time for her to borrow an audiobook from the library. That’s why I’m spending money on Audible so she will READ A BOOK. Because with so many school-required books, she isn’t reading books and prefers to listen to an audiobook while she draws or does something else. It’s expensive but I really think it’s worth it to keep her in books!
reading and writing gifts for kids

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