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Guest Posts: A Wealth of Wisdom from Authors, Librarians, and Educators

Authors, librarians, and educators continue to share amazing content with Imagination Soup readers.

Here are the guest blog posts that you’ll want to read next, from personal essays to book lists, parenting ideas, and more.

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Book Lists

10 Best Books for 8th Graders by Kimberly Kuhlman

10 Gratitude Books by Nancy Ling

Books that Teach the Value of Honesty by Jessica Krueger

Books for Kids Who Think They Don’t Like Reading by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

8 Picture Books to Encourage Kids to Create, Crash, & Try Again by Margaret Muirhead

8 Picture Books to Inspire Kids to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle by Kim Howard

Consent Story Time: Easy as ABC by Katey Howes

Favorite Spooky Chapter Books for Middle Grade Readers by Kathie MacIsaac

Reading & Writing Wisdom, Lessons, & Activities

25 Valuable Summer Reading Tips from Authors, Librarians, and Teachers by Deborah Hopkinson

11 Ways to Use The Creative Writing Playbook with Your Kids by Megan Wagner Lloyd

The Reluctant Readers’ Rhapsody by Tom Phillips

Rhyme Time: 5 Games to Teach Poetry by D.J. Steinberg

Problem-Solving with Cupcakes by Vicky Fang

Let Me be the Devil on Your Shoulder to Help With Dialogue by Lisa Fipps

5 Ways to Reach Reluctant Writers by Rochelle Melander

How to Write a Haiku by Bob Raczka

Phonemic Awareness is the Critical Missing Skill for Many Beginning Readers by Marnie Ginsberg

5 Ways to Get Story Ideas + Exercises for Kids by Samantha M Clark

Using Comics to Tell Stories by Tim Smyth

Learn to Make a 4-Panel Comic by Ira Marcks

5 Ways Kids Can Make Their Own Story Worlds by Donna Galanti

Overcoming the Challenges of Writing Your Life Story by Lisa Fipps

The Case for Bilingual Books by Gabriella Aldeman

Should We Teach Peace or Justice? A Lesson (and book list) from the Lives of Gandhi & King by Uma Krishnaswami

Flash Cards or Finger Paints: Should Academics or Play be the Goal of Preschool by Amy Webb

5 Creative Writing Activities to Do with Young Writers by Robin Merrill

The Creative Touch to Reach All Learners by Peter H. Reynolds

Mommy and Me Book Club for Preschoolers by Danielle Scribner

Building Reading Skills Through the Language of Comics by Geoffrey Hayes

Easy Places to Find Poetry Ideas by Kenn Nesbitt

Writing from an Animal’s Point of View by Carolyn Crimi


Behind the Books & Book Features 

From Bollywood to Books by Supriya Kelkar

Turning Facts Into Fiction by Marcy Campbell

Writing the Stories I Looked for as an Asian American Reader by Debbi Michiko Florence

Was King Tut’s Tomb Cursed? Truth or Fake News? by Candace Fleming

Activism, Eco-Tourism, and Gorilla Adoption by Anita Silvey

This Book Will Spark Conversation About Food, Body Image, and Self-Worth by Alyson Gerber

Not-So-Simple Sorry by David LaRochelle

Chapter Reveal of The Adventure is Now by Jess Redman

In Love With Books? A New BookSmitten Podcast by Heather Shumaker

Should We Teach Peace or Justice by Uma Krishnaswami


Personal Essays

Writing Bluebird by Sharon Cameron

What Animals Taught Me About Managing Anxiety by Victoria Piontek

What My Allergies Taught Me About Resiliency by Megan Wagner Lloyd

Why I Write What I Write: Love Stories by Amy Hest

Painfully Sad Novels Deepen Our Humanity by Marion Dane Bauer

See You in the Cosmos, Norton Juster by Jack Cheng

The Story Behind the Story by Kelly J. Baptist

A Struggling Reader Who Became a Reading Teacher & Writing by Patrick Flores-Scott



9 Parenting Books to Give as Gifts by Julie Vick

Keeping My Son Connected to Our Ancestors by James Bird

How to Spend More Time Reading as a Family by Jodie Rodriguez

Why Kids Need to Learn About the Wild World by Terry Lynn Johnson


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