Imagination Soup Guest Posting Information

If you’re interested in writing for Imagination Soup, here are the guest posting guidelines.

Imagination Soup shares book recommendations and literacy information with parents, teachers, librarians, and grandparents.

We believe that all kids can be readers, they just need to find the right book. So we share reviews and recommendations of great books for children of all ages.

We believe that representation matters, including but not limited to physical, neurological, mental, cultural, linguistic, and ethnic.

Our goal is to provide resources and ideas to make our readers’ lives easier — for them to find the next right book, activity, and/or information to support the growing readers and writers in their lives.

Imagination Soup gets between 250,000- 300,000 page views a month with 35,000 subscribers, 1.4 million Pinterest followers, 33,000 Facebook fans, 5,100 Instagram followers, and 30,000 Twitter followers.

If you’re interested in writing for Imagination Soup, please keep in mind:

  • AUDIENCE: parents, teachers, librarians, and grandparents
    (You can choose to write for only one audience from this list, but be sure you know who it is, making it clear in your article’s intro.)
  • PURPOSE: to provide literacy resources and ideas, book recommendations, and learning activities to make their lives easier
    Note: While it’s enticing to write a personal essay, these don’t do as well for my audience. My audience wants articles with book recommendations or education-related insights. If your topic doesn’t have either, it probably isn’t a good fit for Imagination Soup

Guest Post Topic Categories:

  • Book List
    A list of recommended books with short descriptions/reviews for each book. You can include your own book(s)! Example
  • Reading Advice or Activity
    Advice example
    Activity example
  • Book Activity
  • Writing Advice or Activity
    Advice example
    Activity example
  • Personal Essay***NEEDS APPROVAL
  • (The essay must have a narrative arc and at least one takeaway that appeals to my audience of teachers, librarians, or parents.)
  • Parenting Wisdom

Guest Posting Tips

  1. Readers love numbered lists. (5 tips, 10 books, etc.)
  2. Blog writing is different than newspaper or magazine writing. It needs to be punchier with shorter paragraphs in which there are a variety of sentence lengths. Please include SHORT sentences. This makes it easier to read and, yes, easier to skim.
  3. Headers and subheaders help organize the information. Use them, please.
  4. Please only insert one space after a period.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Please email me with your idea(s) for approval: melissatayloronline @
  • Article word count: 500 or more words.
  • Include your author bio of 2-3 sentences and any links to your website and social media channels. Please send your headshot, also.
  • Images: any book covers, kids doing the activity or reading the books. Please include them in a separate folder (indicate in your draft where you want the images inserted.) JPGs are preferred to PNGs.
  • Please share everything with me in an email or a Google Drive folder using the melissatayloronline @ email address.
  • When you write for Imagination Soup, you are also agreeing to SHARE your post on social media. I will create the social media images for you if you need them.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Guest Blog Posts

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