Mommy and Me Book Club For Preschoolers

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Guest Post: by mom, kindergarten teacher and blogger, Danielle Scribner. Her blog, Mommy and Me Book Club, shares ideas for a preschooler book club – it’s genius, you’re going to love it!

Six years ago, my oldest son was born, and  I left the classroom to begin my dream job of stay at home mommy.  I love being at home with my children. I consider every moment that I get to be with them a blessing.  It is everything I ever imagined it would be.   (And a blessing I do not take for granted.  I know of so many moms who wish they could be home, and aren’t able to be).

However, when August rolled around that second year, I started to miss the classroom quite a bit.  I had taught elementary school for 8 years, and it was such a part of my identity as an adult.   I missed planning lessons and games and art projects.  I missed themed snacks.  I missed crayons and glue sticks. And most of all I missed sharing my favorite books with GROUPS of children.  But I did not miss those things enough to want to leave my son at home so I could go back to the classroom.    We were having way too much fun!

I prayed to know what to do to help with the yearning I felt inside.  The answer came.  I felt inspired to invite a few close friends to join me and my son once a week for a little Mommy and Me co-op group.   What a gift this class has been for me and my children!  I look forward to it every week.  I love the women and the children who have chosen to share this adventure with us!  Without them, it wouldn’t be possible.

mommy and me book club for preschoolers

Mommy and Me Book Club for Preschoolers

We meet together each Wednesday for an hour and a half.  We have a circle time where we sing songs and introduce the Book of the Week.   Then we do fun art activities and games based off of our book.  We even try to tie our snack into the theme.  I do all of the lesson planning and email it out to the other Mommies.  The Mommies e-mail back to say which activity they would like to be in charge of that week.

Mommy and Me Book Club For Preschoolers

Everyone helps out (hence the co-op part of our group).  I am usually in charge of circle time. There is no charge for the class, because everyone is helping out equally.    The first two years, I did the class with my oldest son, Andrew and his friends.  The past two years, have been a special time for my second son, Ryan, and I to share.  In the fall, my daughter, Molly and I will begin the Mommy and Me class anew with a new set of friends.

Mommy and Me Book Club For Preschoolers

When I first started our group, I was pulling resources from my own years of teaching pre-k and kindergarten.  As time has passed, and I have added 2 more children, I rely heavily on the incredibly talented preschool and Mommy bloggers I have found online.  There are so many tremendously generous teachers who share their ideas and materials for free.  There is no way I could come up with fresh new ideas by myself every week.   I am grateful for all of the bloggers who share their lesson ideas online.   They have inspired me to start my own blog.  I wanted to share what we do at Mommy and Me with others.  I would love to think that maybe another mom or two might read about us and decide to start their own Mommy and ME co-op in their communities.
If you are interested in starting your own, I would be happy to share any pointers or answer any of your questions. Start here on my blog or feel free to contact me – daniellescribner at

Melissa’s Note: THANK you, Danielle! You’re so creative and inspiring. This is such a fantastic way to introduce literacy to young children.

Readers, don’t you LOVE this? Go check out Danielle’s blog and be sure to comment here or there!

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  1. I always get homesick for the classroom this time of year. This is a great idea. I think I’m going to try and find some friends to join me on it.

  2. Found your website via pragmatic mom and love it! My kids are avid readers, reading years above their grade levels. Which is a problem, now that my daughter is eleven. She’s on the precarious edge of adolescence, yet no where near emotionally ready for the books she can mentally handle.

    Any suggestions how to keep her reading material appropriate and safe?

    1. See if she will volunteer at your local library to read to young children after school. It is how I enhance my joy of reading. To read in character, with excitement and enthusiasm. To see young children and their parents captivative by a book. I hope I woke up their love for books and reading.

  3. Danielle is doing such a great thing for her kids and friends. I joined a play group started by a teacher when my children were young. It was just what we needed! I didn’t have any friends with kids who were staying home. The goal of this group was parents getting on the floor and playing with their kids. There was an art activity to do in small groups if we wanted, snack and storytime, and songs.

    The lady who started the group read aloud a few books and led song time. I can’t hold a tune, so the song time was great! We left with some new songs to sing. I always looked forward to the two times a week we met up with other families.