7 Beginning Chapter Books, Fall 2017

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Calling all readers ages 6 to 9 who are transitioning to chapter books! Here are seven new beginning chapter books you’ll want to peruse. See if the descriptions sound like something you’d like. Then off you go.


7 Beginning Chapter Books for Fall 2017

Ada Lace is On the Case
 by Emily Calandrelli with Tamson Weston, illustrated by Renee Kurilla
Ada moves to a new neighborhood. She observes everything that happens out her window. After she makes friends with a neighbor girl, they notice a distraught neighbor whose dog is missing and determines to solve who took it. Together, with another neighbor boy, they use science and technology to solve the mystery of the missing dog. ADDED TO: STEAM and STEM Chapter Books for Kids


The Rise of the Rusty Robo-Cat You Draw the Story
by Mike Lowery
Cats all over the city are acting strange. You must help Carl, the duck, get to the bottom of it! This beings an adventure story of a meglamaniac cat mind controlling all the city’s cats with a robo-cat machine. Your creative drawings are what will help Carl escape the cage he’s trapped in, among other things. Read and draw your way through this delightful interactive graphic novel adventure, perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders.


I really like this book, and the series (see Snakes! here). I envision elementary teachers who are looking for high-interest expository text to use this series in teaching comprehension strategies or research or science. The books are in full color with photographs, illustrations, and kid-friendly design. The text size itself is perfect for elementary readers, it’s slightly bigger than typical nonfiction books of this length with decent white space in between the lines and around it. Finally, I’m impressed with the way this book series delivers factual information without dumbing it down or making it too difficult to read. Amazing Animal Facts Chapter Books are a stellar, highly recommended science chapter book series perfect for elementary classrooms and libraries. ADDED TO: STEAM and STEM Chapter Books for Kids


Jada Jones Rock Star
by Kelly Starling Lyons, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton
Jada’s starts the school year hoping to find new friends, hopefully ones that love rocks like she does. She misses her best friend but feels excited when her class studies geology. Unfortunately, one bossy girl in Jada’s group project makes fun of Jada’s interest in rocks. Sound like real life? This is a well-written STEM related story that shows the challenges of getting along with others and staying true to yourself. Plus, you’ll like that the main character (of color) is a big science nerd! ADDED TO: STEAM and STEM Chapter Books for Kids


Absolutely Alfie and the Furry Purry Secret
by Sally Warner, illustrated by Sheary Malone
Alfie isn’t sure about spending the end of summer with her bossy neighbor Hanni. Until Hanni shows Alfie the litter of kittens at her house. Alfie is determined to adopt one, even though her family has a no pets rule. Still, she manages to keep the kitty a secret for a few days but what will happen when her parents discover the cat and her deception?


beginning chapter books
You’re Amazing, Anna Hibiscus! by Atinuke
Reading this book transports one into the lively, family-filled world of amazing Anna who lives in Africa. Written in a series of vignettes, first, we sympathize with Anna who keeps getting in trouble for her twin little brothers mischief, Anna’s grandfather’s passing, and how Anna helps everyone remember her grandfather. It’s a lovely book filled with charm, personality, and a strong sense of place.


Beatrice Zinker Upside-Down Thinker
 by Shelly Johannes
Beatrice is a divergent problem solver. When her best friend Lenny comes back from camp a changed girl, she seems to have a new best friend that is NOT Beatrice. Kids will be cheering Beatrice on as she tried to figure out how to reconnect with her best friend. Cute!


The Latest Beginning Chapter Books for Ages 6 to 9, Fall 2017

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