Learn How to Make Origami Fashion

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Artistic and crafty kids (and adults) can make origami art beyond animals and flowers with the incredible new book, Origami Chic: A Guide to Foldable Fashion by Sok Song. You’ll learn how to make tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, handbags, and more. My 11-year old just can’t get enough!

Learn How to Make Origami Fashion Designs DIY

JJ, my 11-year old, had never done origami before this book. So she started out as a total beginner.

No worries though. The 30 projects are written in clear directions with helpful line drawings to illustrate each step. Each project is rated for difficulty — easy, medium, and challenging. So she got the hang of these creations without any trouble; each time improving upon the one before.

Learn How to Make Origami Fashion Designs

Large, patterned 8″ x 8″ papers are included in the back half of the book so you can get started folding immediately. The designs are gorgeous and the larger size of paper makes for a stunning final product. (Also, I suspect makes it easier for beginners.)

Learn How to Make Origami Fashion Designs

I haven’t photographed anything but dresses because that’s pretty much all that JJ’s made. She’s been practicing with her favorite patterns and getting really proficient.

Other clothing patterns in this book include: swimsuit, t-shirt, sweater, maxi skirt, skinny pants, jeans, backpack, high heels and ballet flats.

Learn How to Make Origami Fashion Designs Activity Book for Kids

Interestingly enough, last year at a craft show, I bought my daughter’s origami dress ornaments that were very pretty and delicate. So I’m wondering if this year, JJ will be giving everyone some sort of origami art for Christmas this year. Maybe even an ornament on a hanger if she can figure out how to do it. Hmmm.

Learn How to Make Origami Fashion Designs Activity Book for Kids

Folding origami is hours off of screen time, being creative and crafty. Win-win!

Learn How to Make Origami Fashion Designs (Activity Book for Kids)

I think this book would make a wonderful gift. Don’t you?

Origami Fashion Designs for Kids


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