12 Valentine’s Day Apps for Kids

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Affiliate Links 150 2What do you know, there are Valentine’s Day ipad apps for kids.

From sweet stories to fun games, here are twelve apps your kids can enjoy.

I Love You Too
 by Ziggy Marley  $2.99
Sing and play with Ziggy Marley as you explore his first children’s book based off the song from his Grammy Award winning album “Family Time!”

Disney Where’s My Valentine? 
Swampy and Perry need some love – are you up to the challenge?

My Little Pony: Hearts and Hooves Day
It’s Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville and everypony is celebrating friendship!

Biscuit's Valentine's Day
Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day
It’s Valentine’s Day and Biscuit and the little girl have a lot of special deliveries to make. But when that silly puppy smells a treat, he just can’t help himself! How will the little girl show Biscuit how much she loves him?

snoopy's candy town
Snoopy’s Candy Town
Snoopy’s dad has left him a Candy Factory and it’s your job to help him run the show. The problem is, you could fit everything our favorite beagle knows about candy onto a gum drop!

candy blast mania valentines
Candy Blast Mania: Valentine
Match and collect Valentine’s Day sweets in this candy-filled puzzle adventure!

Care Bears
Care Bears Create & Share
Create your very own Care Bears postcard and share it!

Valentine's Princess
The Valentine’s Princess
The Valentine’s Princess Collection presents three of StoryToys’ most romantic fairytales in one convenient app.

Wubbzy Loves You
Wubbzy Loves You
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Wubbzy and enjoy a sweet friendship story with fun games and holiday themed coloring pages.

Love Tangram
The Love Tangram
This tangram style puzzle game is designed to give your loved ones -and why not yourself- hours of fun.

Love Cake Maker
Lets make love cakes. Cooking, decorating, dress up & fun maker game for all.

Valentine's Day Apps for Kids

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