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sponsored PostMy 10-year old daughter loves Minecraft. Now she’s learning how to program her own Minecraft server in Java thanks to Youth Digital‘s excellent Server Design Java Minecraft programming class online. I’m so so so blown away by how amazing this online class is, you guys!! And I’m not a newbie with this, either. I’ve taken online classes and taught online classes. Hands down, this is the BEST coding (or any other) class online I’ve seen. It’s PERFECT for kids ages 8 – 12 because it’s age-appropriate, paced well, conversational, and is easy to navigate.

Java Coding for Kids

the best java minecraft coding class online

As I mentioned Server Design 1 (a 2015 Parents’ Choice® Gold Award) is meant for kids ages 8 – 14 to learn Java programming by designing and building a customized Minecraft server. Students have one year to take the class independently at any time online.

There are 12 modules in the Youth Digital Server Design course:

Getting Started
Server Settings
Enter the Arena
The Hordes
Treasure Chests
Setting Up Shop
Keeping Score
Epic Win
In Good Time
Scavenger Hunt
Rule the Rules
Final Touches

Each module is a set of videos that cover what to expect, the lessons, and time to apply the lessons — the videos actually pause to let kids follow the steps they just learned (which are listed for them again so they don’t forget.) These steps are in the Minecraft server — students pick one of four servers to design. (My daughter is working with “BlockefellerCenter.”) Then, students review, take a quiz, and learn more. After the initial entry into their server, kids can choose friends to invite into the server.

The BEST Coding (Computer Programming) Class Online from Youth Digital

My daughter invited her 13-year sister and can I just say how jealous big sister was! She really wants to take this class, too! Look how much fun they’re having already in just a few modules! But what I really love is how empowered little sister feels. She’s programming in JAVA!! How stinking cool is that?!

Java Minecraft Programming Class - outstanding!

Each assignment builds something new in the child’s Minecraft server. So, kids might be working on building a shop in their lobby and stocking it with goods. Or, they might build teams to challenge each other. Whatever you do, you get to earn points! That’s very motivating for my daughter.

Day one of this class, my daughter spent SEVEN HOURS straight on the computer!!!!! I had to force her to stop to eat. And no, I was not at all concerned about the screen time because 1) I limit it so much she never gets anything like this and 2) this was seriously amazing brain work — tech, science, design, . . . all amazing things for her to be learning.

online coding class for kids

I heard her giggling quite a bit when watching the funny teacher — he really knows how to crack kids up! He explains everything so well in a way that is meaningful to kids — silly Java jokes and just silliness in general.

Java programming class for kids

I know we will be taking more classes from Youth Digital — this was absolutely an incredible learning experience! I highly recommend it. So do my kids!!

The classes aren’t just empowering, they teach STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) that will be significant as they grow and enter the workforce.
Register for Server Design at Youth Digital or any of the other online technology classes for kids such as:
3D Animation
3D Game Design
3D Printing & Modeling
App Design
Fashion Design
Game Design
and others!
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  1. This is such an informative post and would help many to get their kids started with Java programming. The way how technology is evolving, coding skills would prove to be very useful in coming years.