Impressive Beginning Reader App

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Impressive Beginning Reader App

Beginning Reader App for Kids

Affiliate Links I’m so impressed with Tiggly‘s new interactive beginning reader app for kids, Tiggly Tales! You combine actual physical letters called Tiggly Words with one of the apps, either Tiggly Tales, Tiggly Doctor, or Tiggly Submarine and children ages 4 – 8 can construct words and solve problems.

The Tiggly Words set consists of the five vowels: a, e, i, o, u. It’s $29.95. Buy it here.

The letters are lower case which is PERFECT. The majority of words a child reads will be in lower case so it’s actually better to learn lower case letters first. (Contrary to what many schools teach.)

Using the vowels, a child makes words and increases her literacy skills.


Impressive Beginning Reader App

Sit with younger children and help them to use their phonics skills (letter sounds) to build words with long and short vowels. The words are all CVC words — consonant vowel consonant. Watch as the word comes alive and move around the screen. (It won’t come alive if it’s not a word.)

Your hen might want to eat those bugs on the screen.

For more fun, you can even record a story with the animations on your screen.

Impressive Beginning Reader App - Tiggly Words

Tiggly Submarine covers simple words with short vowel sounds. See the screen shot below.

Impressive Beginning Reader App - Tiggly Words

Tiggly Doctor will be released soon. It’s a harder literacy app that focuses on long and short vowels and action verbs to help the “patients” in the game.

Impressive Beginning Reader App - Tiggly Words

I can’t recommend Tiggly Words enough. The apps function perfectly, the letters work instantaneously, and it’s spot-on with literacy practice for growing readers.

Impressive Beginning Reader App - Tiggly Words

interactive beginning reader app Tiggly Words

If you’re looking for a more difficult word app, try Osmo’s interactive Word app. Read my review of the Osmo Gaming System.

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