5 New Books from National Geographic Kids

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Who else is a BIG fan of National Geographic Kids books? Their books are well-researched, exceptionally written, and beautifully designed. Even better, they get kids excited about reading nonfiction…and learning new things!

Here are five new National Geographic Kids books from 2023 that you’ll want to know about!

New Books from National Geographic Kids

Explore the Beach: Little Kids First Nature Guide by Alli Brydon
Not only does this nonfiction book contain appealing, colorful photos and facts about the ocean, but it also introduces readers to the text features of a nonfiction book. With headers and captions, sidebars and bolded words, this book does double duty; it teaches kids about nonfiction text while sharing cool information about the plants and animals in and around the beach. LOVE IT!

Puzzle Book of the Ocean: Tons of Cool Activities and Fun Facts
Organized by these animal categories, fish, mammals, sharks, shellfish, reptiles, and invertebrates, readers will love this interactive puzzle book. It’s filled with word searches, sudokus, matching, mazes, quizzes, and crosswords…plus some fun facts and gorgeous photos. Take this book on a trip, and your readers will be immersed in puzzling for hours. Plus, they might learn a few things about ocean animals!

Almanac 2024
Every year, this is a book I recommend in my gift guides for middle-grade readers (ages 8 to 12.) The interesting facts, colorful photos, and cool design are just some of the reasons why kids love it. Overall, you can’t get a more informative book about…EVERYTHING. From geography to science and history to animals and space, and jokes and games, this book is packed full of facts written in kid-appealing writing and design. Run out to buy this for the reader in your life!

Personality Quizzes by Tracey West
If your kids are like mine, they love taking personality tests online. Now there’s a better option…quizzes in this book from National Geographic Kids! Which mythical creature are you? Which gemstone are you? Are you a dog or a cat? Who would be your robot sidekick? Each quiz is fun and exciting, plus you’ll get the amazing graphic design and photography you can always expect from NatGeo. Now, I’m off to find out if I would make a good pirate…

That’s Fact-tastic! Mind-Blogin, Eye-Popping, Jaw-Dropping Stuff About Our World
Oversized pages with eye-popping photographs and big, bolded, colorful lists of facts make this a stand-out nonfiction option for kids who love to jump around when reading a nonfiction book. In this book, you can read whatever interests you at that moment.

See the interiors of these books in my reel on Instagram.


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