Journal Ideas for Kids

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Kids sometimes need journal prompts to get started writing. Not all kids do. And not all kids need a prompt every time they write.

It’s important to be flexible.

However, your child is struggling with what to write, try a prompt or a book like Journal Sparks.

You can always, always, always suggest that your child write about his or her feelings at the moment or events that happened during the day. (Just like you may do in your own journal.)

15 Journal Prompts for Kids

Journal Prompts for Kids

  1. Write an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt.
  2. Take a selfie. Write a poem or essay about it.
  3. Use your five senses to write about your favorite meal or dessert.
  4. Look at the clouds. What do you see? Write about that with a poem or story.
  5. Write the story of a time you got hurt.
  6. Write your own myth. Use made up gods to explain a natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, rainbows, bee stings, waterfalls, sea glass, and so forth.
  7. Write a poem about your favorite color.
  8. Write a story with an animal main character.
  9. Make lists of your favorite things: foods, games, movies, people, places, or animals.
  10. Create a found poem with words and phrases cut out of magazines, newspapers, or junk mail.
  11. Make an alphabet book. Keep it thematic: music, clothes, famous places, favorite things, wacky words, nature, animals, and so on.
  12. Start a word collection.
  13. Write down your favorite quotes.
  14. Use a paint chip’s color name in a story or poem.
  15. Make a blackout poem.

Download this printable list of journal prompts.

Journal Sparks Book Can Help, Too

Journal Sparks by Emily K. Neuburger gives young writers both art and writing prompt suggestions. It’s easy to flip through and find a good idea to get your mind thinking creatively.

Journal Prompts for Kids

You’ll see from this page below that Journal Sparks is visually beautiful. (Which is essential for kids.)

Journal Prompts for Kids

Your young artists will love all the creative art ideas in the book as well.

Art and writing pair perfectly, don’t you think?

Use Journal Sparks to inspire journal writing and art over the summer

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