Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

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Denver Comic Con is uniquely awesome because it’s a family friendly event with tons of programming (for both kids and adults) and it’s a fund raiser for the educators at Pop Culture Classroom which provides support and ideas for teachers to increase literacy and learning through comics.

Like any Con, the Denver Comic Con people watching ROCKS. Because COSPLAY!!  (That’s fan / geek speak for costume play.) More on that in a moment.

family fun at Denver Comic Con

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

First, you should know that there’s a huge section in the middle of the second floor devoted to kids specifically.

There are kid-centric presentations. Here’s a child following along during a drawing lesson presentation.

family friendly Denver Comic Con

There are super creative artistic projects for kids.

kid fun at Denver comic con

(Which we loved because after making this fun wind-powered car, the lifesavers were a nice pick-me-up!)

Comic Con Family Friendly Activities

You’ll see a lot of kids at this Con.

Check out this balloon dragon!

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

Next, I admit that I got too involved looking at people that I TOTALLY FORGOT to take photos of my favorite cosplay outfits. Darn. But, if I go back I’ll get more.

We saw everything from Unikitty . . .

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

to the Queen of Hearts . . .

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

to this guy. Is he a Game of Thrones dude? I’m not sure.

And Disney princesses, the kid from Up, Jedi fighters, Gandolf, a really great Thor, Spiderman, Green Ivy, the Green Arrow, Baymax, and so many more.

Seriously. The people watching!

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

Of course, the merchants sell cool fandom wares.

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

Which are practically irresistible.

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

And this was just day one of The Denver Comic Con!

But there’s more . . . There is so much programming and about a kazillion panels. (rough estimate) You can learn a how to such as how to use comics in the classroom, start cosplaying, do Lego animation, or use Copic markers to make monsters. You can discover information such as finding out about women in game design, screenwriting, or diversity in sci-fi, fantasy, & comics. The programming is impressive.

Finally, you can also see famous celebrities including the legendary Stan Lee, actors, artists, and behind-the-scene people who do things such as special effects. We saw John Barrowman — I think he was reading aloud the picture book Dragons Love Tacos. (I’m sure his Malcolm Merlyn fan base love that book, right?)

Many of the celebs have photo opportunities and autographs for sale as well as booths.

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

The Denver Comic Con lasts from July 17 – 19 and is held at the Colorado Convention Center.

Bring your kids!

Family Friendly Denver Comic Con

It’s a great event.

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