Fun math patterns (you can eat)

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My kids will eat melons IF they get to use the melon baller.  (Finally, I’ve found the answer!)  Last week, we bought a honeydew, a cantaloupe, and a watermelon.  Each girl got a melon baller and got to work “balling” the melons.

After making the balls, the kids stuck the balls onto straws.  And inadvertently, we made patterned skewersMath in the kitchen! (again?)  I am quite obsessed with food lately.


Patterns.  Remember, patterns are math!

easy: red, green, red, green


hard: red, green, green, orange, red, green, green, orange.

You can find patterns in

  • toys – block, cars, bead, dominoes
  • household objects – silverware, chairs, markers, office supplies
  • nature – leaves, rocks, sticks. flowers
  • shapes – triangles, circles, squares

Find a pattern.

Make a pattern.

(Hmmm, is there some bigger metaphor here?)

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