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In honor of Cirque du Soleil’s Denver presentation of Kooza, I thought why not try the fun of the circus at home?  (And, while I can think of a few reasons, it is a rhetorical question, just so you know.)

I’m not going to rant (much) about how much I hate the regular circus because of animal cruelty and tacky costumes.  I will say, that, Cirque is much more appealing in that everyone is paid and a willing participant.

So, without further ado . . . let us begin!


Start with one bean bag.  Throw it up and catch.  Add another bean bag.  Buy a book on juggling.  That might be best.

Teeter Totter

Okay, this may require some parent involvement.  Start by making a fulcrum.  Or, try to find a park that has a teeter-totter.   Jump on one end to see if your stuffed animal (on the other end) will fly off into the air.  Or, watch this Cirque video instead.


Watch the Kooza contortionists video and learn their moves.  Then, if you are inspired, stretch out and give it a whirl. Maybe your child could balance on your feet while you do a hand stand?

High Wire (or as I like to call it, walking on a jump rope.)

First, get into something fancier plus slippers or ballet shoes.  Walk carefully across the tight rope.  Now add items for balance — a book on your head, an umbrella, and so on.  Let your child have a turn, please.


Let your child go wild with the face paint!

Directions for child: Trip over your shoes.  Act silly.  You are sooo funny!  Interview your dad on how to be super silly.  Do what he does.

Learn more clown magic from this eHow series.  (I do not endorse the sword swallowing.)


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    1. I WISH there were still teeter totters! They must’ve been deemed too dangerous because now all they have at parks are things that are similar, but DEFINITELY not the same!! Such a shame! It makes me sad that kids these days are missing out on a lot of the fun we had as kids.

      LOL! I can just see myself trying to do the contortionist moves! They just blew me away! I think they must have a rib or two missing. Anyway, I just about killed myself trying to do a somersault to teach Reagan when she was one, so kudos to everyone who can do a headstand!

      All very cute ideas as always, Melissa!