Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Book Recommendations)

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My daughter thought of a fun drawing idea for kids that she wanted me to share with you–draw your own seek and find puzzle!

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle

Here are her directions.

1. Think of a theme: food, faces, animals, buildings, monsters, flowers, cupcakes, or whatever you like.

Get a list of my favorite drawing books for kids.

2. Fill up your paper with lots of drawings of the objects in your theme. My daughter prefers notecards because they are small and sturdy.

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Recommended Books)

3. Make a list of what people should look for. Hearts? Mustaches? This can go on a separate paper.

4. Give the seek and find drawing to a friend to solve. They can point to the pictures if you don’t want them to mark on your drawings.

Recommended Seek and Find Books for Kids

Get ALL the best search and find books here.

I Spy Numbers by Jean Marzollo
ages 3 – 5
Help your toddler and preschooler identify numbers with this exciting search and find book all about counting and numbers. We highly recommend it.

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Recommended Books)
Treasure Hunt for Kids by Roger Priddy
ages 2 – 5
Develop counting and sorting skills while searching for the hundreds of hidden things in the busy, colorful scenes packed with multiple images and objects to seek and find.

search and find books for kids
Highlights Hidden Pictures Sticker Book 
ages 4 – 8
Younger learners use stickers to find hidden objects. It’s so fun! My kids always preferred the sticker hidden picture books to the color books.

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Recommended Books)
LEGO Star Wars: These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For by Ameet Studio
ages 4 – 8
If your kids like LEGO and Star Wars, they’ll love this fun activity book!

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Recommended Books)
Search and Spot Animals! by Laura Ljungkvist
ages 4 – 8
I’m SO in love with this nonfiction picture book! Instead of an overwhelming mashup of illustrations, Ljungkvist’s illustrations are simple, clean, and not too crowded. For example, on a bright yellow background, look at the purple and blue chickens to find a dozen eggs. Or, on a blue background, search and spot 10 dragonflies sitting on blue lily pads next to green frogs. Lovely.

I Spy School Days
by Jean Marzollo
ages 4 – 8
We adore this book series. Read the rhyming poem then look at the accompanying full-color photo filled with objects to find the items listed.

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Recommended Books)
Colossal Creature Count: Add Up All of the Animals to Solve Each Scene
 by Daniel Limon
ages 5+
More than just a search and find book, kids must also use math skills — both adding and algebra. Algebra because you get the total of animals so if your numbers don’t add up, you’ll have to figure out how many are missing. Isn’t this so cool? I’m impressed with the way Colossal Creatures makes learning so fun.

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Recommended Books)
Elephants on Tour: A Search & Find Journey Around the World
by Guillaume Cornet
ages 8 – 12
I really like the integration of geography and world cultures in this fun search and find book! And maybe, it makes me a little nostalgic for Barbar. 🙂 Because elephants. Five elephants are traveling the world — find them on each page. The illustrations are minuscule and enchanting! Each location’s two-page spread shows where the elephants are visiting next from the Amazon to Madagascar and Amsterdam. You’ll also see a “Fact File” with the country, currency, language, and population. Another fact overlay shares how to say hello, places to visit, things to do, what to buy, and what to eat. Cool, right?!

Draw Your Own Seek and Find Puzzle (+ Recommended Books)
Around the World in 80 Puzzles
by Aleksandra Artymowska
ages 7 – 10
This is a GREAT gift book for the entire family to enjoy. Visual discrimination never looked so beautiful! My kids and husband were hooked on it as soon as this book arrived in the mail. So together or individually, you’ll have so much fun with this book that celebrates the world! I love how the puzzles give kids practice with visual discrimination skills and following directions. And in this unique book, there is a lot of white space while still requiring detail orientation. See the pieces of the Eiffel Tower and answer — “Which of these pieces isn’t part of the Eiffel Tower?” and “Can you arrange the other pieces in the correct order?

Pierre the Maze Detective Coloring Book
We did this as a family activity after dinner for several weeks — it was a blast! We liked how it combined coloring with a search and find.

SEE ALL the Best Seek and Find Books for Kids.


fun kids drawing activity -- Draw a Search and Find Puzzle! (plus a book list)

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