Where in the Word? A Word Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

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I love doing an indoor scavenger hunt with kids but guess what I love even more? Doing an indoor literacy-oriented WORD scavenger hunt that gets kids reading, learning new words, and diving into books.

When kids begin to really pay attention to interesting words, it improves their vocabulary and makes reading fun.

So if you’re looking for fun indoor activities for your kids, try this word scavenger hunt good for improving literacy skills anytime.

Initially, I wanted to give you a word list or a list to use with your children’s spelling words or sight words. However, since kids are in different places as readers, reading and learning different words, I changed it to be a general word scavenger hunt for kids ages 6 to 12.

In this word scavenger hunt, kids will use the letters to find one word that starts with that letter. They can find the words in books and on book covers.

For growing readers ages 6 to 9, you might have them search for any word that starts with that letter.

But for independent readers who are ages 9 to 12, have them write down interesting, new, unusual, or significant wordswords that strike them and that they want to remember.

Would your kids enjoy this reading and writing scavenger hunt activity?

I sure hope so!

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