Good Early Reader Books for 5 – 7 Year Old Beginning Readers

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Beginning readers (ages 5, 6, and 7) need plenty of good reading material to keep them practicing their new skill of reading. I’m delighted to share with you my favorite books just perfect for the job — from easy reader books to easy chapter books, see what might appeal to your growing reader.

Easy Reader Books

Bob Books Easy Readers / Phonics Books / Level 1 Readers
DECODABLE Bob Books are true phonics readers with a focus on phonetic rules and skills.
Bob Books Set 1 – Beginning Readers (12 books)
Bob Books Set 2 – Advancing Beginners (12 books)
Bob Books Set 3 – Word Families (10 books)
Bob Books Set 4 – Complex Words (8 books)
Bob Books Set 5 – Long Vowels (8 books)
These easy reader books are short and sweet with black and white line art drawings.

Laugh-a-Lot Phonics
Scholastic mostly offers leveled books, but this is their decodable phonics series with simple short vowel words.

Sam Sheep Can’t Sleep
 by Jenny Tyler
Another beginning reader book in the Usborne Phonics Readers that we really love.

Frog Meets Dog
 by Janee Trasler
While this is not a phonics book but the text is controlled and it’s simple and cute. You’ll find it reminiscent of Dick and Jane with very short word sentences like, “Frogs jump. Can dog jump too?

best early readers
May I Please Have a Cookie? by Jennifer Morris
Alfie really wants to eat the cookies but his first attempts to get a cookie aren’t very polite. His mom helps him figure out that he should ask nicely.

I Want to Be a Doctor
 by Laura Driscoll, illustrated by Catalina Echeverri
A story filled with helpful information about doctors, this little boy and his family go to the hospital because his brother Jack hurt his foot. They’ll learn about different doctors who can help fix Jack’s foot.

Best Books for 5 and 6 Year Olds
LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope by Emma Grange
This story retells the original Star Wars movie using mini-figures and sets.

Steve & Wessley Ice Cream Shop
Steve & Wessley in The Ice Cream Shop by J.E. Morris
Steve cannot get into that Ice Cream Shop. He pushes and pushes the door but it doesn’t work. You’ll laugh when you realize why!

Don’t Worry, BEE Happy
 by Ross Burach
Sure to give readers the giggles, this cute story in cartoon format is about two bees named Bumble and Bee and their grumpy frog friend and everything that happens in their day…told in short stories. From picture day to hiccups to a dance party, you’ll love their unlikely friendship and entertaining antics.

Surf’s Up (Moby Shinobi and Toby Too!)
 by Luke Flowers
Moby the ninja and his dog go to the beach. In these short stories, they discover that no matter what they do like building a sandcastle, it’s always better if they work together. Rhyming, easy-to-read text, adorable characters, and fun stories make this a new must-read for beginning readers.

early readers for 5 and 6 year olds
Ninja on the Farm (Moby Shinobi)
 by Luke Flowers
Scholastic Level 1 Reader
Ninja wants to help out on the farm. But his kicks, swipes, and flips turn out disastrous with every chore which, of course, is hilarious. Just when he’s about to give up on helping the farmer, he finds his perfect job . . . A very fun rhyming story.

Sparkly New Friends (Unicorn and Yeti)
 by Heather Ayris Burnell, illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla
Unicorn helps Yeti be grateful and confident about who he is and where he lives. Then Yeti helps Unicorn try new things like a snowball fight. Short stories of friendship between two mythical creatures, what could be better!?

Do You Like My Bike? (Hello, Hedgehog!)
 by Norm Feuti
Not only is this written in comic panels but the dialogue is in bubbles in colors unique to the character speaking making this a supportive first graphic novel experience. Hedgehog can’t wait to show his friend Harry his new bike. Darling stories of friendship and bike riding.


The Great Bunk Bed Battle
 (An Acorn Book) by Tina Kugler
When fox siblings Fritz and Franny go to bed, they don’t actually go to sleep. They compare which bunk bed is best and imagine adventures through a forest with a castle, a moat and a boat, a submarine, and a volcano on their beds. Simple text in speech bubbles and a relatable topic makes this a sure-fire hit with new readers.

The Doghouse
 by Jan Thomas
The ball goes into the doghouse. Who will get it out? Cow will. But doesn’t come out. Then, Pig goes in and doesn’t come out either. Finally, Duck enters. Yikes! What is going on? What happens to the friends after going into the doghouse? You’ll laugh when you find out what’s really going on.

good easy books for 5 and 6 year old beginning readers Easy Readers / Phonics Books / Level 1 Readers
What Is Chasing Duck?
 by Jan Thomas
Bold graphic illustrations capture the humorous worries of the animals who describe something that they are all running away from. Which turns out to be . . . well, you’ll see when you read it. Get ready to giggle!

 Easy Readers / Phonics Books / Level 1 ReadersJungle Animals by Camilla Gersh
In a word, perfect. This little book packs a big punch with the perfect balance of colorful visuals (photographs) and leveled informational text. Fantastic!

What About Worms?
 by Ryan T. Higgins
Tiger is big and brave but he’s scared of worms. The Worms love Tiger’s accidental gifts and they give Tiger a big worm hug. Funny!

best easy readers for 5 and 6 year olds
Baby Monkey, Private Eye
 by Brian Selznick and David Serlin, illustrated by Brian Selznick
Kids love this delightful, humorous collection of stories about an adorable monkey who solves mysteries. Predictable text helps new readers know what to expect next in the story. It’s a BIG, impressive-looking book. Kids like reading big books for street cred, right?

Goat Wants to Eat
by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Fred Blunt
Goats eats anything that Cat naps on in this playful, predictable, and funny story.

Best Easy Reader Books for 5- and 6-Year-Olds
Little Big Horse Where’s My Bike
by Dave Horowitz
Pablo takes Little Big Horse’s bike. And breaks it! But it’s only a flat tire and Little Big Horse knows what to do to fix it. Very simple text, great illustrations, and an engaging story make this a new early reader favorite.

Ruby and the Magic Garden (Fairy Hill)
by Cari Meister, illustrated by Erika Meza
Ruby and her fairy friends live in Fairy Hill. They love to learn magic and dream of what their big wings will look like when they earn them.

That Egg is Mine
 by Liz Goulet Dubois
Duck chases and claims the spotty egg that looks like Cluck who thinks the egg is hers. But they both are surprised when a creature emerges that doesn’t belong to either of them! Pay attention to the shadow on the last page — and you’ll figure out what the egg really is. 

Nick and Nack Fly a Kite
 by Brandon Budzi, illustrated by Adam Record
Highlights Puzzle Readers Level 1
Nick is a boy and Nack is a robot. After a windy day, they pick up sticks and use them to make a kite. But first, they need to find all the supplies.

Penny and Her Marble by Kevin Henkes
When Penny takes her little sister for a walk, she sees a shiny blue marble on her neighbor’s lawn and puts it in her pocket. But Penny feels bad that she keeps it because it isn’t hers. Penny must make a decision about what to do — keep it or give the marble back.

Friends Do Not Eat Friends (Thunder and Cluck)
 by Jill Esbaum, illustrated by Miles Thompson
Ready to Read Graphics 1
100% hilarious fun! When a grumpy and ferocious dinosaur, Thunder, meets a positive, unafraid bird named Cluck, Thunder can NOT believe that Cluck believes they should be friends. But Cluck is determined to help Thunder believe — and before he knows it, the two of them are friends!

See the Dog: Three Stories About a Cat
 by David LaRochelle, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
In three hilarious stories, Cat helps out with the story for Dog who is sick. But when the narrator writes that Dog digs a hole, Cat doesn’t want to. And when the narrator writes that Dog fetches a stick in a lake, that doesn’t go well for Cat either. Let’s hope Dog feels better soon!

Let’s Go For a Drive
 by Mo Willems
Gerald has the great idea of going for a drive! But first (and second and third), Piggie thinks of what they need to bring along. Silly fun about two best friends with big personalities. See ALL the Elephant and Piggie books.

Good Books for 5 – 7 Year Old Beginning Readers



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