Will Wreck This Journal Everywhere Get Your Kids Writing?

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I’m always trying to motivate my kids to write. So, I’ve introduced Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal Everywhere, a take-with-you compact book of writing prompts and activities. It’s a fun little book that sparks creative thinking and wonderment.

Do you think your kids need extra urging to write, too?

Wreck This Journal Everywhere

Wreck This Journal . . . Everywhere

They might just enjoy Wreck This Journal Everywhere. Or, even if they didn’t enjoy it, it would give them some creative thinking and writing.

Look what I found in my purse a few weeks ago! 🙂 A sweet note from my daughter out of Wreck This Journal Everywhere.

Wreck this Journal

Apparently our cat, Betty Lou, also likes to wreck journals. Who knew!?

wrecked page - Wreck This Journal

It’s just a few more weeks of summer and if your kids need to get back into writing – this might just be the most fun way to go!

Wreck This Journal Everywhere

We also own and recommend Keri Smith’s other books: This is Not a Book and Tear Up This Book (American Girl.)

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