Gifts for 8-Year Old Girls

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Looking for the best holiday gift for your 8 year old girl? From dolls to STEM, here are lots of fun gift ideas for your 8-year old girls.

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Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit

Make 12 wicking flowers then customize your bouquet with this STEM craft kit.

Check the Oven 

A hilarious game of bluffing where kids develop confidence and solid math skills! Players use strategy, humor, and logic to accumulate cards adding to 12.

Car with Pony

Travel with your car and your horse in this fun playset.

Puzzlooies Space Cats to the Rescue
by Russell Ginns and Jonathan Maier, illustrated by Kristen Terrana-Hollis
Kids will love this fun, interactive, and silly adventure story with lots of illustrations, jokes, and puzzles. They’ll have to read the chapters, solve the puzzles, and pay close attention to the mysterious messages and clues. In this story, an asteroid is about to hit Earth! The problem (besides the asteroid) is that the astronauts who are supposed to defend the Earth have food poisoning. Who can help instead? How about cat-stronauts?

KLUTZ Pet Adoption

Make and bake 15 cute clay animals using the step-by-step instructions in a 32-page book! You’ll find directions for animals like puppies, kitties, birds, and guinea pigs.

The Beast and the Bethany
by Jack Meggitt-Phillips, illustrated by Isabelle Follath
If your 8-year-old girl likes snarky humor with illustrations, don’t miss this entertaining fantasy book. Ebenezer, a man over 500 years old, is kept alive by a monstrous Beast who gives him youth cream in return for exotic foods…and now the horrible Beast wants to eat a child. Still wanting to be youthful, Ebenezer adopts the rudest girl at a local orphanage, Bethany, and begins to fatten her up for the Beast. And indeed, Bethany is horrid at first, until she’s not…and Ebenezer feels terrible about his evil plan and tells Bethany everything. Together, find a solution to get rid of the Beast and get a happy ending! (Or do they?)

Hatchimals Pixies Mermaids

Hatch the 2-Pack’s mermaids to discover ponytails you can brush and style with their combs! Plus, each Pixie has a glittery crown and a compact that really opens!

Hedgehog Plush

LOL Surprise OMG Sunshine Gurl 

An articulated 4.5 fashion doll called Sunshine Gurl with a box that can be a set and 20 surprises including an outfit, shoes, accessories, hat box, hair brush, garment bag, sticker, hanger, and doll stand.

Mermaid Potions

Mix up mermaid options with the included supplies and put them in potion bottles or necklaces.

Educational Insights Circuit Explorer Space Station STEM Toy

Explore electricity & circuits! Build a Deluxe Base Station with towers, a planetarium with color-changing dome light, a communication station with a rotating radar dish, and more. Also includes astronaut and robot figures for pretend play and stickers for customization.

Plus Plus Horse

Interlocking cubes fit together to make a horse. Kids love these clever puzzles!

Squishmallows Cheetah Fairy

My kids both love these BEST out of all other plush toys because they’re so soft and squishy.


Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers

Hatch a flying fairy! Launch her from the base or lift her into the air, then use your hands to guide her – she’ll sense if your hands are high or low!

My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Speaker

How cute is this tiny (2″ high) animal speaker? Connects to any Bluetooth enabled device! (Pick from lots of animals including unicorn, pug, beaver, and dragon.)

books for 8 year olds
Kristy’s Great Idea Babysitter’s Club #1
by Ann M. Martin, illustrated by Raina Telgemeier
We’re loving these updated Babysitter’s Club graphic novels by the uber-talented Raina Telegemeier who wrote the highly-acclaimed Smile and Sister. I recommend starting with book one since the stories are told in a specific order with details from previous stories. These are funny and fun to read, maybe even more than once. BOX SET HERE.

LEGO Friends Forest Camper Van and Sailboat

Get your LEGO Friends mini-dolls outside in nature with 3 dolls, a raccoon toy, a detailed camper van, a sailboat, and more!

Quick Knit Loom

Your child gets to make two knit hats using the provided loom and chunky yarn!

RAD Robots MiBRO

Kids love this interactive remote control robot with accessories and over 50 functions and sounds! Use it to talk, tell jokes, and learn programming thinking.

The Best Arts & Crafts Toys and Gifts for Kids 2020
Color Your Own Water Bottle
Get creative coloring and decorating this water bottle! This is a great activity that keeps kids hydrated and imaginative!

Kindle Kids Bundle
Perfect for growing readers, this Kindle Kids Edition offers a black and white glare-free display with no games, no ads, and no videos. It includes many popular book series including Harry Potter.

BrainBolt Memory Game

A light-up memory game from Educational Insights that will challenge you to remember the light sequence and see how long you can remember it correctly! (For one or two players.)

The Best Arts & Crafts Toys and Gifts for Kids
Aquabeads Box of Fun Safari
Kids can make all different kinds of animals and plants from the safari with this unique aquabeads craft – the possibilities are endless!

good books for 8 year olds
Jada Jones Rock Star
by Kelly Starling Lyons, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton
Jada starts the school year hoping to find new friends, hopefully, ones that love rocks like she does. She misses her best friend but feels excited when her class studies geology. Unfortunately, one bossy girl in Jada’s group project makes fun of Jada’s interest in rocks. This is a well-written STEM story that shows the challenges of getting along with others and staying true to yourself. Plus, you’ll like that the main character (of color) is a big science nerd!

The Best Arts & Crafts Toys and Gifts for Kids
Colorful Kids Origami Kit
Use beautifully colored, pattern-filled origami folding paper to create amazing and eye-catching designs, like a rocketship, creatures, or origami flowers!

Squishmallows Cheetah Fairy

Klutz Mini Bake Shop

Create and decorate your own mini clay cakes, cookies, and pies. Helpful, step-by-step directions in a full-color 48-page book plus all the materials you’ll need.


LED 6 Color Bluetooth Speaker 
Play your music on this super cool light-up speaker.

Watercolor Dreams

Learn how to use watercolors and then paint the 20 darling designs any way you wish! Paint, palette, and brush included.

Butterfly Glow-in-the-Dark Diary
WOW! It’s so cool to see this in the dark. Kids will also love the sturdy lined pages and lock and key.

The Magical Reality of Nadia
 by Bassem Youssef and Catherine R. Daly, illustrated by Douglas Holgate
Funny, entertaining, and filled with important themes of friendship, growing up, and racism, this is one of my new favorite books! Nadia unexpectedly discovers an ancient Egyptian teacher (Titi) trapped in her hippo amulet. He comes out onto a paper and TALKS! Tita helps Nadia with problems she faces at school like the new kid who is rude and prejudice about her Egyptian culture and troubles with her friends who are working together on a school project. Totally wonderful, heartfelt, and relatable.

My daughter says, “I love it. It’s a really good time passer.” Figure out how to get the marble through this challenging 3D maze.

KLUTZ Sew Squishy Cubes

Use the 24 page book to follow the directions to make 3 squishy felt creations: a unicorn, a phoenix, and a yeti with felt pieces precut with holes for extra-simple sewing.

Squishy from Head to Toe

Learn anatomy with this dissectable science kit of the human body with a transparent body and skill and lifelike tools.

Choker Set

Girls love these necklaces that stretch. This set gives them 24 colors and styles.
gifts for 8 year old girls
Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel 
In a word: Hilarious. We all think Bad Kitty is very naughty. But, oh so funny. These books are addictive to read and fun to reread.

Christmas Bakery
Playmobil Christmas Bakery

The perfect Christmas gift is this Christmas Santa bakery! Inside the bakery, you will find a bustling cookie workshop, complete with three different stations for each step of cookie making and baking tools like a rolling pin and cookie cutters.

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio with Stencils

My kids LOVE these! 40 sketch sheets with pre-printed models’ silhouettes to make fashion drawing easy for beginners or for anyone who wants to improve their drawing techniques. Use the removable stencils with over 50+ clothing and accessory shapes to help create different outfits and styles.

Reversible Puffer Vest
How cute is this? Silver or pink with a zippered front and side pockets.

The Best Arts & Crafts Toys and Gifts for Kids 2020
Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit
Kids can grow magical fairy gardens with this cute craft kit that comes with a paintable potting dish, a flower house for their very own fairy, plus a lot more!


My daughter LOVES her Fitbit! Get one for your kids that will tell time and help you calculate steps, calories, distance, and sleep. It’s a great way to motivate healthy living.

Unicorn Academy: Sophia and Rainbow
by Julie Skyes, illustrated by Lucy Truman

Well-written and charming, this unicorn book series is sure to entrance many young readers. In this story, Sophia arrives at Unicorn Academy and is paired with the lovely Rainbow. But, she feels guilty for making a new friend and leaving her best pony, Clover, back at home. On top of that, the unicorns’ magic is wonky because the lake is being poisoned. When someone accuses Sophia, she and her new friends decide to investigate.

world dolls
Creatable World Dolls

Meant to be less adult looking and more kid-like and gender-neutral, this 1 doll comes with 1 wig, 6 pieces of clothing, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 accessories for endless hours of fun playtime.

Give this Book a Cover: Spark Your Imagination with Over 100 Activities
by Jared Lerner and You
Drawing and writing prompts will give kids fun activities to complete on their own. They’ll get to finish a comic panel story, write a story about a cactus, learn to draw in steps, and much more. Engaging, perfect for summer.
gifts for 8 year old girls
Whatever After by Sarah Mlynowski 
Once upon a time, a regular girl and her brother accidentally went into a fairy tale. And messed it all up. (Whoops.) We love all the books in this series.
The Best STEM Toys and Gifts for Kids 2020
Switch Lite
This handheld version of the Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift when it comes to price and size for any kid looking for an awesome game console!
The Best STEM Toys and Gifts for Kids 2020
Lego City Town City Square
Build your own little town, from its trucks to its coffee shop to its street stands! This LEGO set is full of never ending building fun that will keep children entertained all day!
Barbie Dreamplane
The pink plane seats a pilot and 2 passengers with lots of fun details like TV screens on the seat backs (and working overhead compartments), a snack cart, 2 trays, a puppy and more!
gifts for 8 year old girls
Roller Coaster Challenge Logic & Building Game
We LOVE this cool STEM skills game that makes you think while creating something awesome — a roller coaster. Full review here.

Kids love these scented pencils!

Harry Potter Create by Sticker: Hogsmeade

Use the stickers to complete the Hogsmeade-related mosaics starting with a Marauder’s Map and ending with a landscape of Hogsmeade Village. Cute cartoon illustrations and a brief narration take you on an adventurous experience. Harry Potter fans who like to puzzle together mosaics will enjoy these memorable sticker scenes. Also in the series: Create by Sticker: Hogwarts.
gifts for 8 year old girls
Klutz Decorate This Journal

Decorate the outside of your new journal, then explore and write using the guided pages inside.

Colors of the World Markers

These 24 new Crayola colors that represent people from around the world are essential for homes and classrooms.

Pusheen Dinosaur Cat

Anyone else have a Pusheen-obsessed child? Mine loves all things Pusheen. Check out this cute, soft, and huggable pusheenosaurus!

ALEX Spa Fun Mix and Makeup Lip Shimmer
Mix your own colors and flavors of lip shimmers that you put into 5 fun ice pop containers.

LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut
Who doesn’t love Buckbeak the Hippogriff? You’ll get Buckbeak plus Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Executioner, and the Minister of Magic and a really cool hut kit!
The Best STEM Toys and Gifts for Kids 2020
Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit
This educational chemistry set is perfect for children who love doing their own experiments and want to create something colorful, slimy, or fizzy in their very own lab!

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights
This self-balancing electric scooter is a HOT gift right now! This highly-rated model offers 5 LED lights with Bluetooth music and unique tires.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

Build a cool truck for rescue missions and you’ll get a rooftop control center, secret compartment, computer, 5 mini-dolls, and more!
gifts for 8 year old girls
KLUTZ LEGO Make Your Own Movie Kit
This 80-page book will help you learn stop motion animation and regular movies. Set the stage with any of the six included background settings and thirty-six LEGO elements including a pizza, banana, baseball cap, six minifigure heads, and more!
creative artistic and craft gifts for 8 year old girls
Harry Potter Coloring Book
Intricate illustrations and elaborate designs let kids color in explorations of Hogwarts Castle, the Forbidden Forest, magical creatures, and iconic scenes from the films. Want more? Look for Harry Potter Magical Creatures and Magical Places.

LOL Surprise
Open this to discover over 60 surprises including new dolls and accessories.
gift ideas for 8 year olds lego-friends-amusement-park-roller-coaster
LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster
How cool is this? Set up your own amusement park for your LEGO Friends with a rotating Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and lots more!
gifts for 8 year old girls
Reading Headlamp
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, headlamps beat book lamps for reading hands down. Because they’re hands-free AND have much better light! (All over the page light, not just in one spot.) Plus, how cool are you when you sit in bed with a headlamp?! These really motivate young readers.
DIY Eraser Kit Arts and Crafts Gifts for Kids Gifts for 8-Year Old Girls
DIY Erasers
My daughter makes erasers from this kit like crazy —  little monsters, animals, you name it. It’s not just creative, it’s a useful crafty gift for 7-year old girls.
gifts for 8 year old girls
Boogie Board Magic Sketch
You’re going to love this semi-transparent LCD eWriter so kids can trace and write in vivid rainbow colors. It looks and feels just like colorful pens on paper with no mess and no expensive pens or paper to replace.
Draw or write with these fun colorful pens. Erase any lines you don’t like!
gifts for 8 year old girls
Kandoodle Jr.

My kids and I think these 1 player logic puzzles are so much fun! Probably because you get the pieces to manipulate and can choose your level from easy to challenging. The game lets you get the hang of the strategy with the easy levels and then you progress to more difficult puzzles. A bonus is this is a great on-the-go activity since it comes in a nifty carrying case.
Kids will be mesmerized with this engaging little book that packs a BIG punch. Flip through and read wacky facts, interesting statistics, tidbits, and traditions all to do with Christmas. Mine can’t stop reading it!! (Usually out loud to the whole family. It’s a dynamo book.)
Gifts for 8-Year Old Girls bubble motion tumbler Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens Ages 3 - 13
Bubble Motion Tumbler 
This fun stocking stuffer is a great visualization aid to show how water and oil don’t mix.

Barbie Dream House

My kids played and played with their Barbie Dream Houses — so I feel nostalgic in recommending this new model. It has a slide into a pool, a working elevator, lights, and sounds — plus more!
gifts for 8 year old girls
Decoupage Horse and Pony
Decoupage this sweet paper-mache horse and pony then add glitter glue and stickers.
Notebook Doodles: Go Girl!
What 8-year olds love about Notebook Doodles are the inspiring quotes paired with cool looking designs, art lessons, and color palette ideas. Tear out the perforated pages to hang or give as a gift.
gifts for 8 year old girls
How cute are these glow-in-the-dark little toys? The egg carton comes with 12 eggs to hatch. Rub the purple heart to crack the shell and see who is inside.

Wooden Sudoku

A beautiful two-sided Sudoku wooden game board with smooth, wooden titles of numbers and shapes! Use the booklet with 60 challenges for the starting positions. Not only is this a FUN game for one player, but it’s also great for critical thinking, pattern recognition, problem-solving, visual/spatial thinking, and deductive reasoning. (Win-win!)

card games for kids
Sleeping Queens
SO MUCH FUN! We play this weekly and have for years. It’s my daughter’s favorite game of ALL TIME. The goal is to be the first player with queens that add up to 50 points. Steal queens, put opponents queens back to sleep, and fight dragons. A must-own game for kids!

Craft Tastic Yarn Tree Arts and Crafts Gifts for Kids Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls
Craft-Tastic Yarn Tree

Wrap colorful yarn around the tree and put it in your room. Store necklaces, bracelets and earrings on the branches. 

Lottie Pandora Pretend Play Gifts for Kids Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls
Lottie Pandora’s Doll

7.5 inches tall, Lottie has moveable arms, bendable knees and can stand on her own two feet (a useful skills for all girls big and small). She’s a
 positive, healthy role model; she doesn’t wear makeup, jewelry, heels or suggestive clothing, she’s the girl next door; cute, fun and adventurous.

Playmobil Aquarium
Isn’t this a fun new playset? It includes three figures, three seals, colorful fish and sea creatures, bucket with fish, coral, recycle bins, feeding time clock, and other accessories

gifts for 8 year old girls
Unpainted Russian Nesting Dolls

Paint your own Nesting dolls.

gifts for 8 year old girls
Doodle Socks
Decorate your socks in any wacky and creative way you imagine! Use the provided markers to adorn the 3 socks provided.

gifts for 8 year old girls
Tear Up This Book!
by Keri Smith
Your 8 year old girl will be thrilled to get this very popular American Girl gift book for fun, creativity, and crafts. My kids love this book.

gifts for 8 year old girls

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