Squeebles Apps Make Homework Easier (and Fun)

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I can’t wait to tell you about two apps we are loving that make homework time waaay more fun: Squeebles Times Tables 2 app and Squeebles Spelling app from Key Stage Fun.

Squeebles Spelling App

Spelling lists that come home on Mondays need to be studied, right?

The Squeebles Spelling app ($1.99) is perfect for studying those words.

Parents enter the weekly spelling words in the Parent Corner section. With each word, parents record the word out loud. (I also record a sentence with the word in it.)

Then, the child looks at the word, studies it, presses the “READY” button. The word disappears, the child will hear it spoken, and then she tries to spell it correctly.

spelling on the ipad with Squeebles app

If your kids love technology like mine do, then this app will make learning spelling words very motivating. But what’s perfect about this app is that you can personalize the words, and hear them spoken out loud!

My daughter loves this app and tells me that it’s helping her learn her words.

Screenshot from Squeebles Spelling

The story in this Squeebles app is that they’ve been taken captive by the Spelling Snake. When kids get correct answers, they’re rewarded with stars which can be traded in to rescue a Squeeble. Another fun reward is the  Squeebergang game which is similar to Angry Birds.

Squeebles Times Tables 2

At our house, we are right in the midst of learning the times tables — and it’s hard! I remember how long it took me (5th grade) to learn my own tables so I empathize with my daughter as she struggles to remember the fact families.

Squeebles Times Tables 2 screenshot

In the Squeebles Times Tables 2 app, children practice multiplication in six different game modes. My favorite mode, besides the 1-12 Tables, is Tricky Tables. These are the fact questions that kids got wrong in the Times Tables mode. Here, they review and practice those tricky facts. I love it!

multiplication practice on the iPad with Squeebles app

Squeebles Times Tables 2 knows that kids love rewards and feedback, and there’s plenty of both. Like the Spelling app, the gist is to rescue the Squeebles from the clutches of the evil Maths Monster. To free a Squeeble, kids must answer all the questions in the multiplication fact family correctly. I love that when kids answer a question right, it ticks off the Math Monster and he says “grrr”. (see above)

Squeebles Times Tables 2 screenshot b

I appreciate that when kids get a question wrong, the app shows them the correct answer. Nice positive reinforcement.

Of course, correct answers earn rewards – stars, gemstones and medals. Kids then trade in stars for a Flip Fish or Bubble Ball and can play a game with the Bubble Ball that is kind of like Angry Birds.(see image above with whale)

I heartily endorse these apps.

What about you –would these apps help your kids with their homework?

Squeebles apps - perfect for multiplication and spelling homework

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