Prep for the Disney Movie with Descendants Books

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written by Annika Taylor

Affiliate Links Get ready for the Disney Channel’s newest movie, The Descendants, by reading all the Descendants books first. The Descendants movie is coming out this summer, 2015, but the books are already here!

Prep for the Disney Movie with Descendants Books

Isle of the Lost (Prep for the Disney Movie with Descendants Books)
Isle of the Lost

Isle of the Lost is a prequel to the Disney movie, Descendants. It takes place when all the villains are banished to the Isle, what happened when the magical barrier of the island cracked, and about how the villains’ kids, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlo,s became friends. I really liked that all the villains had kids and how the kids choose to live differently than their parents. It’s a lot about how you have a choice of your own path, you don’t have to do what your parents say.

Mal's Spell Book
Mal’s Spell Book

All the friends write in Mal’s spell book about what’s going on in the Descendants story. So it’s really a spell book with spells already in it but the friends add anecdotes and stories almost like a scrapbook. It’s interesting to see all the weird spells. Reading this got me into the movie and made me want to read the prequel, Isle of the Lost. There are two cool quizzes that I liked a lot, too.

Mal's Diary
Mal’s Diary

This is basically the entire Descendants movie from Mal’s point of view. I though Mal’s doodles and drawings were cool. It’s short and easy to read.

Prep for the New Disney Movie by Reading the Descendants Books FIRST!
The Descendants

This is the movie written down as a novel — about the friend’s experience in Auradon. It’s good but I think the movie will be better.

Prep for the New Disney Movie by Reading the Descendants Books FIRST!

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