WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

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Affiliate Links WackIt Ball is a new backyard game for one or two players. My kids think it’s totally fun. I think it’s loud (don’t play it when the neighbors are still sleeping) and great for hand-eye coordination!

WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

To play, thread a wiffle ball through the cable. You can attach the cable to poles, trees, fence posts, etc. We used a post on our back porch and the swing set. Use the paddles to whack the ball back and forth along the line. Points are earned when a player gets the ball past their opponent. The first to six wins!

WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

OR you can play with one player only and if you hit the ball hard enough, it should spring back to you.
WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

You can use WackIt Ball to improve your baseball swing with a baseball set that includes a pitching stick for one player to serve the ball to the batter. It’s the only baseball station that enables you to swing at 10MPH or 100MPH from one swing to the next.

WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

WackIt Ball launched at Toy Fair earlier this year (2015) and is available at AmazonSears, and Kmart.com. (Don’t buy it on Amazon though – the price is WAY too much. Normally the set sells for around $30.)

WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

Thank you to the WackIt Ball company for sending us a review sample! We can happily say that our opinion was in no way affected by this free sample. (*You should see the pile of free items I don’t tell you about that are total junk!) My disclosure policy is here.

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