These Learning Card Games Will Make Kids Think

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Blue Orange just released a new learning card game series called Super Genius. The card games remind me of Spot It! but are harder and more educational. They’ll make your kids THINK! And by think, I both reviewing known concepts and learning new ones. For us, it’s review and practice of multiplication facts. (Those darn facts are tricky to remember!) But it could also be addition, reading, and sight words, depending on which of the games you choose to play.

There are a multiple games you can play for each card game: Face Off, Flip-Flap, Sardines, Click-Clack, and Cooperative. (Rather than bore you with the details, I’ll let you read the directions when you get the games. Just know that there are some fun options within each card game.)

You’ll appreciate (like I do) that these games make learning playful — and not dreadful (unlike flashcards.) Play always makes learning more fun.

Oh, and I don’t recommend playing with older siblings who already know these concepts. They’ll get all the cards before your younger child even can think through the match. Then that younger child won’t get the practice needed.

Super Genius Learning Card Games

Super Genius Card Games Review

Super Genius First Words

Super Genius First Words Card Game

Super Genius First Words

Super Genius Reading 1

Super Genius Reading 1 Card Game

Super Genius Reading 1

(Not shown: Super Genius Reading 2.)

Super Genius Addition

Super Genius Addition Game

Super Genius Addition

Super Genius Multiplication

Super Genius Multiplication

super genius multiplication game

Super Genius Learning Card Games for Kids

Blue Orange sent these games to me free of charge but this did not affect my review. All opinions are my own.

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learning card games for kids


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