10 Funny Bedtime Stories Kids Will Love

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Sometimes bedtime can be the least fun time of day for everyone, kids and parents included! Why not make it a little sillier with some great funny bedtime stories that will get you all laughing!

Here is a list of top ten favorite silly picture book stories that are just right to read before bed.

funny bedtime stories

Funny Bedtime Stories

Silly Bedtime Stories

Again by Emily Gravett
Anyone who has had to put a toddler to bed will relate to this one. Little Dragon wants the same bedtime story read over and over again, but Mama Dragon is too tired to keep telling the whole thing so the story keeps changing just a bit. So what is a little dragon to do…breathe fire, of course! 


Silly Bedtime Stories

10 Minutes Till Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann
Such a simple yet funny bedtime story, this picture book counts down the minutes until bedtime. As the boy is getting ready, he sees an entire hamster world touring right through his bedroom and bathroom, until it’s time for lights out. With not many words to read, each page features silly hamster antics on it. 

Will Sheep Sleep? by Hillary Leung
An adorable board book that is just right for bedtime with toddlers! Follow along with sheep and friends to see what will actually get sheep to fall asleep, then find out will the sheep snore? 

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak
Not a traditional bedtime book per se, but if you want your children in hysterics before bed, or anytime really, this is the one of the best funny bedtime stories! It has no pictures, but the words are enough to get kids belly laughing. This is one that your kiddos may ask for over and over and over again. 

Silly Bedtime Stories

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein
It’s time for the little chicken to go to sleep, but every time Dad starts a bedtime story, Chicken interrupts with an ending all of her own. If you like this one, there are others too! Interrupting Chicken: Cookies For Breakfast and Interrupting Chicken and The Elephant of Surprise.

Noisy Night by Mac Barnett and Brian Biggs
Going to sleep in an apartment building can be an interesting and noisy time. See what’s making all the noise on the floor above in this silly nighttime tale. Bedtime stories never were so loud!

Silly Bedtime Stories

Go To Sleep In Your Own Bed! by Candace Fleming and Lori Nichols
Each animal on the farm tries to go to sleep in their own space only to find another animal there! If you have kiddos constantly climbing into your bed, you’ll relate to the feelings these animals have as they yell, “go to sleep in your own bed!” It’s one of our favorite funny bedtime stories.

Everybody In The Red Brick Building by Anne Wynter and Oge Mora
Though this book isn’t necessarily very funny or silly,  it does make a great bedtime story when it’s time to wind down. Similar to Noisy Night, everybody in the red brick building is making their own noises that wake up the neighbors, and then they make noises again to signal they are going back to sleep. A silly, sweet book with impressive illustrations.

Silly Bedtime Stories

A Good Day For A Hat by T. Nat Fuller and Rob Hodgson
Think about the day that just passed or prepare for the day to come with this funny book about an eager bear who has a LOT of hats! Every time he puts on the “perfect” one, the scene changes and he needs to get another hat that’s just right for the occasion.

Silly Bedtime Stories

The Night Gardener by Eric Fan and Terry Fan (The Fan Brothers)
If you like Edward Scissorhands, this bedtime picture book might appeal to you. A mysterious gardener is shaping all the trees into animal shapes at night. It’s not a very funny story, but it is fun to see all the trees change shape. 

Sometimes bedtime can be the least fun time of day for everyone, kids and parents included! Why not make it a little sillier with some great funny bedtime stories that will get you all laughing instead of crying?


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