Cancer Sucks! When a Parent has Cancer

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Her husband got the news last week– cancer.  (Again.)  Their boys are one and four.

When she told me, I taught her boys a bad word.

Somehow it just slipped out.


Cancer is scary and big and makes me MAD.

When A Parent Has Cancer

Not knowing what to do I asked another friend, Michelle, a breast cancer survivor with two young kids. She told me, “Support her by taking care of the kids so that she can take care of her husband and not worry. Take care of snacks, toys, babysitting.

When A Parent Has CancerIdeas to Support

Books About Parents With Cancer

Can you continue my list of ideas or books and make this a community project that will not only help my friend but others as well?

When A Parent Has Cancer

Have you supported a friend dealing with cancer and kid? What did you do to help?

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Books for Kids on Death, Grief, and Loss

9 Responses

  1. thanks for this post. I have a blog for parents of kids with serious illnesses and cancer and will use this information and book reviews to add to my blogs. As a nurse and author, I also have a manuscript for kids with cancer. Will keep you posted if I find a publisher? It is an important topic to discuss with children even though it is difficult.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s husband. I think that you have wonderful suggestions, especially meals and helping with the kids. I will lift up your friend and her family in my prayers.

  3. During such challenging times, families and friends have an enormous opportunity to pull together and experience an intimacy unlike any other.

    It is always important to be honest with children and help them to understand what is actually happening to their father. Distractions from the truth will not serve them in the long run.

    As for “mom” – She will need and hopefully reach out to her family and friends for a listening heart and a helping hand with the day to day events. She will need time to be alone, but not isolate.

    This is a very important time to express love and emotions. Don’t hold back – Leave nothing unsaid.

    Marlaine and the other ladies said it all – and I am also sure she is very grateful having you as a friend.

  4. Thank you for opening up such an intimate subject to Parenting 2.0 Melissa. My best friend graduated from the five sensory world after a five year bout with cancer a few years ago. I think every person is different in what serves them best during difficult times… even day to day. Small kindesses speak large; whether a book, assistance with daily chores, a surprise candle lit dinner (with Costco lasagna) for she and her hubby while you take the kids for pizza, or simply listening – anything that reduces stress and increases happiness and optimism is normally welcome. Confident she is already grateful having you, curse lessons and all. Hugs! Mama Marlaine

  5. Boo, boo, boo, boo, boo!!! 🙁 I hate that this is happening.
    I have another idea too, we should talk soon.

  6. Sally Murphy has an exquisitive verse novel for older children when dealing with cancer. ‘Toppling’ was released this year. So honestly beautiful. Definitely worth a look.

    As to how to help. Maybe also be available for Hubby, so Mum and kids can have away quality time too. Gives Mum and kids an emotional break – time to do ‘normal’ things – but a quietly there friend would also be a support for Hubby. (Just don’t feel you need to fill the silence with words. Too draining.)

    Good on you for being a beautiful friend. Give lots of hugs too. And let friend’s tears flow if they do. Tears are healing.

  7. So sorry to hear about your friend’s husband…
    How about an errand chart? For things like taking care of the lawn, picking up stuff at the pharmacy, maybe organizing a housekeeper every other week, just general house stuff that will surely be a huge burden on the parents as they’re dealing with this?

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