5 Mischievous St. Patrick’s Day Science Experiments for Kids

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Yes, there are leprechauns about on St. Patrick’s Day. And, they’re up to mischievous science experiments for kids.

Last week at the Steve Spangler Laboratory, I learned all about those tricky leprechaun experiments for St. Patrick’s Day using the Steve Spangler Leprechaun Science Kit.

St. Patrick’s Day Science

5 mischievous leprechaun science experiments for kids

You’re going to love these!

(Don’t forget to tell your kids the leprechaun story to go with the experiment. It’s in quotations.)

Leprechaun Science Kit

1. Green Water

“Those leprechauns are so mischievous, they even turned our water green! Go and see for yourself.”

Unscrew the end of your faucets. Put 2 Green Fizziers in the lid. Screw back on.

 Leprechaun Science for Kids

Leave a cup out for your child to fill with water.

 Leprechaun Science for Kids

Watch and be ready with a camera!

 Leprechaun Science for Kids

2. Green Insta-Snow

“Did you know that leprechauns can even turn snow green? It’s true — see for yourself!”

Insta-Snow Powder

Just add water and a scoop of powder and watch — it’s fast. Then play with your green snow.


3. Color Changing UV Beads

“These are special beads. They turn colors whenever leprechauns are nearby. Walk around the house and outside and see if you can find any leprechauns.”

Give the kids white UV beads to make a bracelet.

uv beads

Your kids will get so excited when the beads turn colors.

4. Leprechaun Bags

If you’re a fan, you probably think Steve Spangler is hilarious . . . Well, it’s true. And I thought so, too. Until this happened . . .

“Leprechauns know how to easily fill up these huge sandwich bags with air. Blow three breaths into the bag and let’s see how much it fills up.”

St. Patrick's Day Science

“So if this is three breaths, we can estimate that it will take 15 breaths for you to fill it up. Let’s have a race to see who can fill up the bag fastest. We’ll stand back to back. Ready, set, go.”

I started blowing. And blowing. And blowing.

Why was everyone laughing?

That tricky guy!

The key is to not put your mouth on the bag, but to stand back. Then, hold your fingers inside the bag until you have a large opening. Look inside until you can see the knot at the end of the bag. Blow one big breath and quickly grab to close.

My kids LOVED this activity when I brought it home.

5. Rainbow Glasses

“Did you know that leprechauns can see rainbows everywhere? Can you uncover the hidden rainbows everywhere with these leprechaun glasses?”

Rainbows Everywhere

Put the glasses over your camera lens and take a selfie!

Rainbow Selfie

There’s more St. Patrick’s Day science fun in the Leprechaun Science Kit. For example, you’ll be able to grow your own leprechaun eggs with jelly marbles + Green Fizzers, you’ll do a color experiment with a white flower. . . and lots more cool science ideas to make your St. Patrick’s Day filled with learning.

Thanks to Steve Spangler and his talented social media guru, Susan Wells for inviting me to the exciting science play date for St. Patrick’s Day!

What do you think? Wouldn’t your kids love these?

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