Get Kids Excited about Science and Math Apps

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Affiliate Links 150 2Let’s get our kids excited about math and science apps! How about taking some of these math and science apps for a whirl. See how your kids respond.

Math and Science Apps for Kids

math and science apps for kids
Toca Lab
Another addictive Toca app, this one about science and the periodic table of elements. Use the lab equipment to create, play and experiment with each of the 118 element (that are cute little monster-looking blobs.) Learn about elements, their resting state (liquid, solid, or gas) and their properties. Toca Lab is a fun elements introduction that your kids will love! (Read more about this app on Geeks with Juniors.)


This is one amazing app full of creative possibilities! It’s kind of like a Rube Goldberg in that you can use the shapes to move and create chain-reactions by adding joints, forces, motors, and more. It’s a GREAT app for kids who love to build and invent but will confuse kids who want to figure it out quickly as it took me awhile to get the hang of it.

math and science apps for kids

Marco Polo Ocean
Build a submersible, a herring, a reef ecosystem, boat, and an orca. Then add fish to your underwater world. Educates kids about the ocean.


CyberChase Shape Quest FREE
Pick between Patch the Path, Feed the Critters, or Hide and Seek. Print the game board from the PBS Kids website here if you want to play that. Hide and Seek is fun – you must find the squares, or triangles, or shapes with six sides. Feed the Critters  is like Angry Birds where you have to angle the dog bone to launch to the animal. Some of the functionality isn’t great – it’s hard to get back to the home screen.

shout science

Shout Science! FREE
Three well-illustrated with simple language tell the true stories of scientists of the past — Maria Siblyya Merian and the lives of insects, Anton van Leeuwenhoek and the discovery of microbes, and James Hutton and the theory of the earth.

rube works

Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game $2.99
Professor Butts will guide you through making a Rube Goldberg machine in this cool science app. You’ll be assigned a project goal and be given objects to use in your building. Each object has hints for what it can do. For example, the magnifying glass can focus sunlight, hot enough to melt rubber. Once you pick up objects out of the toolbox, you can use them to build. Pretty great!

math and science apps for kids

Mystery Math Museum $2.99
A fun adventure through museum buildings to help kids recall math facts. Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication or division equations. Set the levels of difficulty and type of math at the beginning of the math app. (By the makers of Mystery Math Town.)

New math and science apps for kids

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