Free Printable Valentine’s Day Book Bucks

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Do you want a non-candy Valentine’s Day gift idea to gift your children for Valentine’s Day? This year, I’m giving my kids Valentine’s Day Book Bucks instead of stuffed animals or candy. And I’m sharing the printable with you so you can do the same thing.

Click to download.Valentine's Day gift idea for kids -- printable book bucks

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Book Bucks

Like most kids, my kids love to choose their own books to read. They enjoy browsing the bookstore almost as much as me. (Which is one of my favorite things EVER.)

I think book bucks are win-win: kids get to pick out their own books, and we all get a fun outing to the bookstore.

Book Bucks can motivate more reading because it gives children the opportunity to choose their own, brand-new books at a bookstore!

Valentine’s Day Gift for Kids

I’ve made two options for you to print– 1) $1 book bucks and 2) a book bucks certificate.

Younger kids will not only enjoy the feel of all the book bucks stacked up but it will help them connect the amount of money they have to spend to how much the book(s) cost.

Older kids probably will prefer the certificate. (Plus, it will save you printing and cutting time.)

Click on the images to get the downloads.

Valentine's Day gift idea for kids -- printable book bucks


If your child owns a Kindle, they might use their Book Bucks to do some ebook shopping on Amazon where they can choose more Kindle books.

My youngest daughter prefers audiobooks or physical books so we will go to our favorite bookstores, Tattered Cover or Barnes and Noble, to pick out her books or look on Audible. (Happy dance!)

Where will your kids spend their Book Bucks?

Valentines Day Gift for Kids -- printable book bucks for kids to choose books at a bookstore

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  1. I love these! But I didn’t see them I time for Valentine’s Day. Will you be doing more for Easter/Halloween/Christmas?

  2. This is such a fun and fabulous idea, and I LOVE the printables. All 3 of my kiddos love books. They love outings. And ALL kids (in my experience) love to shop on their own. I think this awesome on many levels, and I’d even use it as a fun reward throughout the year.

  3. This is so great, as always Melissa! Thank you! Also, this makes an even better gift than the books themselves because frequently Valentine’s Day books will be marked off to 50% after the holiday, so if kids want to get one of those, they can make their book bucks go farther! And as a former teacher and PEBC person myself, I know you would like me to let you know that there’s a typo up there – “Like most kids, my kids love to choose thier own books to read.”

    1. Ruth, Thanks, you’re hired!! I always appreciate proofreading catches. 🙂

      Good point about the sales — love those! Are you here in Denver? What’s your favorite bookstore?