Free Printable Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

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Add reading aloud good Valentine’s Day books, try this Valentine’s Day activity with your kids–a free, printable Valentine’s Day treasure hunt!

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Click on the image to get download the printable clue cards.

Each clue ends in a blank so that kids can think of the rhyming word and hunt for the next clue. The answers for the clues are printed at the bottom. These will help you know where to put the next clues.

What should you give as a prize?

It doesn’t have to be anything big — the hunt itself is the fun!

Give cookies, a card, candy, or something fun from the dollar store or the dollar bins at Target. Or, download my free “Book Bucks” that kids can use to buy their own books.


If you’re looking for the best Valentine’s books for this holiday — look no further. I’ve made a list of board books, picture books, and activity books that your kids will love.


Use these as non-candy, literacy-building gifts for the holiday or any day! Go here to get the printable.


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