Kids Can Write Thank You Notes

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I believe in teaching kids good manners, writing thank you notes is one of them. That’s why, before we put away our new Christmas gifts, I have the kids write thank you notes.

What if they’re too young?

No problem.

0 – 5 YEARS:

I take a photo of the girls holding up the present, tape it to a card or postcard and write a little thank you.


I’ve also taken a picture of my kids holding up a sign that says Thank You, sent it into a photo store to make into postcards. Even a baby can do this.

5 – 6 YEARS:

Kids can write modified thank you note. Show your beginning writer the words to copy onto another paper. Or write the words and have your child trace over your letters.


You write most of the letter and ask your beginning writer fill in the blanks you leave.


Model how to write a thank-you note. Give your child a letter model from which to write.

For each gift, I write sticky notes with the gift and who gave it. (example: aunt – money)

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and don’t forget to write those thank you notes!

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  1. This might sound mean, but before my kids can play with most of their new gifts, they have to write a thank you note. I buy blank cards from a craft store and let them decorate with highlighters so then they can write over the artwork. I love the idea of the photo! Thanks for your ideas!

  2. I love this! I myself do the same thing with my children. I find that it is very important that our children learn to show there appreciation to others who did something special for them. No matter what it maybe. It’s always good to teach kids good manners. I wish other parents would implemented this not only for Christmas but for all occasions.

    Thanks for this great post! ;0)

  3. I love that you do this because I do it too!! I think that showing our appreciation to someone who spent time thinking about a special gift, putting out the time and money, etc. is so very important and something that seems to be almost lost these days! I loved your idea with the picture thank you’s. I’m going to keep this in mind for my daughter’s summer birthday. I’ve already sent out the Christmas thank you’s! Oh, and I use a template with my son, too! 🙂