The Coolest Star Wars Gifts for Kids

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I thought I’d share an updated list of the best Star Wars gifts for kids (little and big) for the upcoming holiday season because if you’re like me, you’re loving the new Star Wars shows like the The Mandalorian and think little Leia steals the show in the new Obi-Wan Disney+ show. (Although she does not look like she’s 10! Maybe 7.)

The Force. It’s calling to you. Just let it in.

The Coolest Star Wars Gifts for Kids

ages 2+
How adorable is this? Yamdalorian and Tot come with 14 parts and pieces and make great Star Wars gift for the inner child in us all.

Grogu Plush Toy

A soft plush Grogu toy perfect for cuddling.

Mega Mighties 
ages 3+
Playskool Mega Mighties figures have 6 points of articulation — head, arms, wrists, and waist — and feature fun preschool-friendly expressions.

Star Wars Lola Droid Toy

ages 4+
Princess Leia’s droid has sounds and lights and can tilt her head from side to side.

funny picture books
Are You Scared, Darth Vader?
by Adam Rex ages 3+
HILARIOUS — and a guaranteed new read-aloud favorite for your kids. The narrator is trying to find out if Darth Vader is scared of anything. Is he scared when the wolfman pops out? Or bites him? Or a vampire? Or a ghost? Black cats? “I AM NOT SCARED. I WILL NEVER BE SCARED. WHO COULD POSSIBLY SCARE LORD VADER?” Although there is something that displeases, er, scares Darth Vader. What do you think it is? And wait for it — there’s a second surprise ending with Darth Vader using the force to try and stop YOU from closing the book.

Star Wars The Child Animatronic ages 4+
Kids will love this adorable, animated Child, who’s head, ears, and eyes can move, all while also being able to use the force and take a nap!

Walkie Talkies
ages 4+
Use these Kylo Ren and a First Order trooper to talk to your friends.

STAR WARS LEGO Millennium Falcon
ages 4+
This is a must-own LEGO set for Star Wars and LEGO fans. Han Solo and Chewbacca will love playing with this iconic set.

AT-AT Attack! The Coolest Star Wars Gifts for Kids
At-At Attack!
Luke Skywalker does some fast flying as he protects Hoth’s rebel base from the Empire. Perfect for beginning readers.

Always Bet on Chopper
Always Bet on Chopper
Meet Chopper–the rebels’ grumpy old astromech droid. He may have a bit of an attitude, but there’s no droid the team would rather have with them in a tight spot. Beginning readers love these books.

A New Hope Star Wars beginning readers
LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope
The exciting story of the iconic Star Wars: Episode IV movie, retold for young readers with their favorite LEGO® Star Wars® mini-figures and sets. (These DK readers are a favorite at my school library!)

star wars gifts for kids
Remote Control D-O
ages 5+
The remote control allows the D-O (Rise of Skywalker) droid toy to roll in any direction as well as perform 360-degree spins. Watch the remote-controlled D-O droid’s head bobble up and down and side to side as it races along!

Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Toy with Electronic Lights and Sounds ages 5+
Pretend play with this cool lightsaber toy.

Chewbacca Mask

Remember when this got popular on the internet? Put on the mask, open your mouth, and you’ll hear Chewbacca.

I Wish I Had a Wookie and Other Poems for Our Galaxy
by Ian Doescher, illustrated by Tim Budgen
So cute and fun, this book of poems will delight Star Wars fans with poems about kids and their relationship with Star Wars. I honestly adore these poems — and there are SO many to read. For example, “Counting Jawas” is a new take on the counting sheep bedtime ritual. “My Room’s the Millennium Falcon” shares how much the boy loves his room and imagines adventures there as if he’s flying in the Millennium Falcon.

Jedi Academy
Star Wars Jedi Academy
by Jeffrey Brown
Engaging from the first page, this is a relatable graphic novel adventure story about a young boy, Roan, who dreams of becoming a pilot . . . but gets into Jedi school instead. He’s the oldest new student, everyone else started long before him. Roan has ups and downs, as one does at a new school, but finds his place at the school and new friends. Highly recommended!

The Clone Wars Assault Tank
ages 7+
Build the AAT, and you’ll get shooters, a canon, opening hatches, plus Ahsoka Tano and Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle

ages 9+
Star Wars fans, you’re going to love this new castle building kit with 6 mini-figures, a TIE Fighter, a Bacta Tank and more!

The Resistance Figure Set

3D Star Wars Night Light

SO COOL! 7 different colors and 3 patterns including the Death Star!


OBI Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter
ages 7+
Obi-Wan and Taun We plus a star fighter for building and play.

Tamagotchi Star Wars R2 D2
ages 7+
Take care of R2D2 and keep him fed and happy.

Third Sister Toy
ages 4+
She’s a villainous character from the OBI-Wan series that viewers love to hate.

Disney Infinity Action Kit Star Wars
Disney Infinity Action Starter Kit (WiiU, XBox, Playstation)
Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition now welcomes Star Wars with 2 Star Wars Figures: Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker and 1 Star Wars Twilight of the Republic play set piece. How amazing is this?

Star Wars X-Wing The Coolest Star Wars Gifts for Kids
Star Wars The Force Awakens X-Wing Miniatures Game Set
A two-player game of high-speed Star Wars dogfights set during The Force Awakens.

LEGO Star Wars - Clone Commander Cody The Coolest Star Wars Gifts for Kids
LEGO  Star Wars – Clone Commander Cody

9″ Commander Cody featuring posable limbs, custom orange clone armor, and buildable blaster rifle and backpack.

LEGO Star Wars The Child

ages 10+
This is a detailed rendering of The Child from The Mandalorian with 1,073 pieces!

Star Wars Gifts
Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest ages 10+
Any kid who’s into Star Wars will be full of excitement when they get a chance to step into the role of The Mandalorian and build their very own action-packed spaceship!

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet
ages 18+
I LOVE this helmet, don’t you? Although, I didn’t find him a very compelling character.

Star Wars Proncess Leia Adventure The Coolest Star Wars Gifts for Kids
Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
This chapter book follows the warrior Princess Leia as she leads a ragtag group of rebels on a dangerous mission against the evil Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Dark Disciple The Coolest Star Wars Gifts for Kids
Dark Disciple

This new novel features Asajj Ventress, former Sith apprentice turned bounty hunter and one of the great anti-heroes in the Star Wars galaxy.

Lost Stars - new YA Star Wars book
Lost Stars ages 13+
Two childhood friends–Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell–have grown up to become an Imperial officer and a Rebel pilot. Now on opposite sides of the war, will these two star-crossed lovers reunite, or will duty tear them–and the galaxy–apart?

LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi the coolest Star Wars gifts for kids
LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi

Buildable & posable 9″ Obi-Wan Kenobi with fully posable limbs, special white Clone armor, fabric cape, buildable blue Light saber and extra Light saber handle. Huge and aweseom.

The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary - Star Wars Gift Ideas
Star Wars The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary
Details of costumes, weapons, and accessories. Includes three exclusive, specially commissioned cutaway models produced by Industrial Light & Magic model maker John Goodson.

Force Awakens Poster - Star Wars Gift Ideas
Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Poster

Star Wars Poster Activity Book - great gift idea
Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Activity Book
Packed with puzzles, codewords, mazes, and more – plus full-color The Force Awakens poster, including a giant fold-out, and more than fifty stickers. Doesn’t this look fun?

Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber good ideas for gifts
Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

This electronic, Jedi Master Lightsaber lights up and makes sounds just like in the movies. Awesome for pretend play.

Ultimate Star Wars Star Wars Gifts for Kids
Ultimate Star Wars
Ultimate Star Wars® is an in-depth visual feast exploring the characters and storylines from the Star Wars galaxy.

Star Wars Battlefront ages 13+ ( XBox)
Fight for the Rebellion or Empire in a wide variety of multiplayer matches for up to 40 players, or in exciting challenges inspired by the films available solo, split-screen or through online co-op.

Darth Vader Helmet
This cool collectible is over 800 pieces and measures 8 inches high!


the COOLEST Star Wars gifts for kids

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