Oddly Obvious Word Game for Kids

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Want a learning game that is totally fun? Oddly Obvious is a family word game that is so engaging that kids don’t even realize how much they’re thinking and learning. But trust me, they will be thinking! This game forces players to think about puns and wordplay in order to guess the correct word and win.

Oddly Obvious Word Game for Kids

One Oddly Obvious player reads the other players’ clues.

Each of the clues corresponds to the words that are listed on the front of the card. All the players except the reader can see these words. Oddly Obvious Word Game for Kids

So for example, the first clue the reader would read on the card below is “African word for referee“. The answer is “zebra.”

The last clue is “Move only two feet at a time” with an answer of “walk“.

Oddly Obvious Word Game for Kids

Each time you get a word right, you earn one (of five) tokens. The player with 3 tokens wins the physical card.

The first person to win five cards wins the Oddly Obvious game. (Or you can set your own winning number of cards which we do all the time.)
Oddly Obvious Word Game for Kids

Want another example?

Can you guess this word clue: “July comes before June“?

The answer is the “dictionary,” of course! 🙂

Oddly Obvious Word Game for Kids

The game says it’s for ages 12 and up, but my 11-year-old has no problem with this game. It probably depends on your child and their vocabulary. When she was 10 years old, we would review all the words on the card to be sure she knew what they meant before starting.

This word game is a blast to play! We love it and think you will, too.

Oddly Obvious Word Game for Kids & Families

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