Handmade Journals for Kids

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I decided to make handmade journals for my kids, not to buy my kids actual notebooks or journals this summer because I think they’re too big. Big overwhelms. Big is too many pages to fill. (Clearly my children haven’t inherited my journal hoarding / journal filling addiction!)

So, I made simple, small, handmade books for my kids to use for summer writing. And, if they fill up one journal, I can always make more!

Don’t you think the smaller books seem more manageable?

I thought so, too.

Handmade Journals for Kids

Handmade Journals for Kids

Here’s how you can make your own summer journals.

Steps to Making an Easy Handmade Journal

1. Pick a cover.
We made these pretty marbleized papers a few weeks ago from the TinkerLab book, do you remember? Directions are here.

Handmade Journals for Kids

2. Cut your paper to size.
I made squares and used different colored paper.

Handmade Journals for Kids

3. Staple the edges.

Handmade Journals for Kids

4. Cover the staples with a piece of duct tape cut to size.

Happy writing!

handmade summer learning journal

Have you see how to make easy paperclip books?

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  1. Pinned this! I’m definitely thinking of doing one as a keepsake for our summer, sort of like a DIY mini scrapbook! Thanks 🙂

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