Children’s Books about Underwear

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If you know a child who is silly (and what child isn’t?), then you’ll want to read them picture books about UNDERWEAR!
You don’t need to be potty training a child to read these books but it is actually a fantastic tool for the potty training crew, too.
All of these stories will get your kids giggling and engaged. Plus, there’s even a fun-to-read nonfiction book about underwear for older readers listed at the end of this list.
Get ready to laugh…

Children’s Books about Underwear

Animals in Underwear ABC
by Todd Parr
A whole new spin on the animal alphabet — animals in underwear! And, in classic Todd Parr style, your kids will love the silliness captured in bright and bold colors.

The Underwear Book
by Todd Parr
As you read these do’s and don’ts, I predict your kids will crack up like my kids always did. For example, do put your clean underwear away. But don’t put it in the freezer! Helpful and silly tips will encourage your kids to embrace their underwear, especially those potty training kiddos.
Underwear Children's Picture Books
One Big Pair of Underwear
 by Laura Gehl & Tom Lichtenheld
HAHA – this is the silliest “counting” picture book you’ll read! It’s counting and subtracting and patterns and did I mention silliness?
books about underwear
Vegetables in Underwear
by Jared Chapman
I’ve read a lot of books about underwear, but this is my first vegetable underwear book!! It’s totally adorable, too. “I wear underwear, you wear underwear, we all wear underwear,” shout the veggies who also model underwear opposites: dirty/clean, serious/funny, and so forth.
underwear picture books
Polar Bear’s Underwear
by Tupera Tupera
If you’re like me, you didn’t realize that polar bears wore underwear. Well, they do! And this polar bear has lost his!! Help mouse and polar bear search for bear’s missing underwear. You’ll find striped, ity-bity, treat-filled, and polka-dot underwear but it’s all other animals’ underwear. Until . . . oh, silly bear. He forgot he had on white underwear the whole time. What a great surprise ending!
 funny picture books about underwear
by Jenn Harney
Little Bear is having a hysterical adventure with his underwear much to his parents’ exasperation. Rhyming, giggle-inducing text pairs perfectly with comedic, expressive illustrations. “Under where? / Underwear. / Under there? UnderWEAR, over THERE. / Over where? / On the Chair.” Potty training kids will be able to relate to this story about a little bear who has a lot of *fun* with his underwear.

Something’s Wrong! A Bear, a Hare, and Some Underwear
by Jory John, illustrated by Erin Kraan
Hilarious! Kids will crack up watching a bewildered Jeff (the bear) wander around the woods wearing underwear and wondering why he’s feeling like something’s wrong. He overcompensates for this nagging sense by talking too much and talking LOUDLY. The other animals wonder, “Why is that bear wearing underwear?” Finally, his friend Andres bravely asks Jeff why he’s wearing underwear. And as the other animals look on, Anders joins him in the new style of animals wearing underwear.
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Creepy Pair of Underwear!
by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Peter Brown
Jasper’s mom to buy him a pair of big boy underwear. But the underwear is CREEPY and glows in the dark. So Jasper (who isn’t scared at all!) tries and tries to get rid of them. But no matter what he does, the pair of underwear comes right back! Finally, Jasper successfully buries them on a hill. That’s when he realizes he misses his creepy underwear and wants them back. A clever combination of silly and creepy both in this story for all year round.

Attack of the Underwear Dragon
by Scott Rothman, illustrated by Pete Oswald
Sir Percival gives Cole a chance to train to be a knight, teaching Cole to ride a horse, swing a sword, and get knocked down by other knights, a princess, and a catapult. Unfortunately, Sir Percival and all the other knights are killed by the ferocious Underwear Dragon. Luckily, Cole knows what to do. In a hilarious ending, Cole uses his assistant knight skills to de-underpants the Underwear Dragon and save the kingdom!

Dinosaurs in Underpants
by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Ben Cort
Rhyming and hilarious, this story explains that dinosaurs went extinct all because they couldn’t stop fighting over underwear after a TRex steals a pair from a caveman, starting a feud like no other. Yes, all the dinosaurs fought for the best pairs and all that fighting wiped them out!

A Brief History of Underpants
by Christine Van Zandt, illustrated by Harry Briggs (ages 7+)
It’s true– even people in ancient times wore underwear! Whether it was an Inuit in caribou skin underwear or Egyptian loincloths or quilted, padded underpants of European knights, kids will read all about the history of underwear, inventions like the sewing machine that changed the world of underwear, and plenty of fun facts about underpants! Well-written with punny humor, facts, and comic illustrations, this little nonfiction book for young readers is a delight! (Here’s a joke from the back of the book… Q: Why does a pirate wear underpants? A: To hide his booty.)

Children's Books about Underwear


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