New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap

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Emilie Buchwald famously said, “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Here are newly published stories to share with your children in that pursuit.

New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap

We Are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner, illustrated by Ben Clanton
Laurie Berkner’s popular song (we LOVE her music and this is a favorite song!) is now a super cute picture book. As you read the song lyrics, follow along with Dax as he and his friends go exploring, marching, picnicing, napping, and roaring. Clanton’s animated illustrations with cartoon-like dialogue bubbles make these dinosaur friends inviting and friendly. Get ready to sing your way through this delightful book — it’s sure to be a new favorite.
The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors
by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Adam Rex
Don’t miss this uproarious adventure of epic proportions that will merit reading and rereading then playing round after round of rock, paper, scissors in honor of these great warriors. Rock comes from the Kingdom of Backyard where he easily defeats all his opponents (a clothespin and an apricot). He needs a worthy foe. In the Empire of Mom’s Home Office, the super smart Paper discovers the same thing — no one can beat him either. And in the Kitchen Realm, no one can best Scissors, not even the fearsome breaded chicken dinosaurs. Each of these warriors sets off to find a worthy opponent. Finally Rock meets Scissors, Paper meets Rock, and Scissors meets Paper for epic battles. They are so happy to lose to someone worthy, they become best friends and keep battling. I particularly love the hilarious conversations between the three warriors and their opponents such as, ““I have come from the far reaches of Kitchen to battle you, O bizarre and yummy breaded dinosaurs!“” and ““If by “battle pants” you mean “no pants, but I’m willing to fight you,” then yes . . . yes, I am wearing my battle pants, weird scissory one!””  Adam Rex’s illustrations really bring the action and drama of this story alive.
TEK MOdern Cave Boy
TEK The Modern Cave Boy
by Patrick McDonnell
Tek is a cave boy who is so addicted to his phone, table, and game box that he never plays with friends or goes outside. No one can get Tek to do anything else until Big Poppa, the volcano explodes and Tek disconnects. He discovers he loves the outdoors and playing with his friends. The dad’s quips about what he should have invented (fire, shaving cream) and a great humorous element.
Laundry Day New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
Laundry Day
by Jessixa Bagley
Tic and Tac are SO bored. Everything their tired mother suggests they shoot down. (They’ve already made a fort, read all the books, and caught all the fish in the pond.) That’s when Ma Badger suggests they help her with the laundry. And they get a LITTLE (read: a lot) carried away. Your children will crack up at all the things these two badger siblings hang up on the clothesline while their mom is away.
Love Is New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap  Love Is page
Love Is
by Diane Adams, illustrated by Claire Keane
The words “love is” begin the story of a little girl who finds and loves a yellow duckling, lets her go when she’s big enough, misses her friend, and understands that like the seasons, things change. This beautiful story introduces love and loss with a sweet, perfect ending.
Use this book to teach and practice identifying feelings. Each of the feelings is told by it’s corresponding illustration — and the illustrations are amazing! For example for Patient, a little boy sits on a gigantic puzzle with white spaces open, still needing the pieces. Think about all the rich discussion you could have as you read this story to your children. Added to: Best Books About Feelings for Kids (Emotional Intelligence) 
Paws McDraw The Fastest Doodler New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
Paws McDraw The Fastest Doodler
in the West by Connah Brecon
In this whimsical adventure set in the wild west, Paws McDraw is a problem solving artist who uses his doodling skills to draw whatever will solve problems — a bucket and rope to save the bunny in the well or a lasso to tie up the bandit raccoons, but whoops — that doesn’t work because the bandits snip their way out! Ut-oh. It takes some thinking but Paws finally figures out how to beat the bandits in a win-win solution. Awesome!
A companion book to Niño Wrestles the World, this is a new action-packed wrestling adventure about the Niño’s badly behaved (rudas) little sisters. Farting, biting, fighting, . . . how will these rude sisters be defeated? Maybe their brother can distract them with a book!? You’ll read lots of Spanish words throughout whose meanings, if not inferred, are explained on the jacket covers. Vibrant artwork makes the antics of these sisters that much more exciting.
Marta! Big & Small New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
Marta! Big & Small
by Jen Arena, illustrated by Angela Dominguez
Beautiful illustrations accompany this book showcasing Spanish adjective opposites about Marta and her animal friends. Loud / Quiet. Fast / Slow. Lovely!
XO, OX A Love Story New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
XO, OX A Love Story
by Adam Rex, illustrated by Scott Camp
In a word: hilarious! Ox writes love letters to his crush, Gazelle but Gazelle can NOT imagine anything (anyone) more horrifying than a smelly, large, stout, clumsy brained ox. Ugh. As the letters are exchanged, you’ll see how persistent and forgiving (possibly clueless?) Ox is even when being insulted very eloquently by Gazelle.
Glitter New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
by Stella J. Jones, illustrated by Judi Abbot
Gloria LOVES glitter — in fact, it’s her favorite color. She exuberantly glitters the entire town. Because glitter equals happiness, right? Eventually, she glitters the entire town. Will they agree with her assessment of happiness or be annoyed? The perfect story for glitter fans!
French Toast New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
French Toast
by Kari-Lynn Winters illustrated by Francois Thisdale
Phoebe’s grandmother, Nan-Ma, helps her talk out why the kids call her “French Toast” then helps Phoebe celebrate her own skin tone as well as the variety of skin tones in her Jamaican, French-Canadian family using with beautiful food metaphors. Use this book to talk about differences, similarities, and kindness.
Mary Poppins and the children visit places around London as well as magical sites like under the sea. But what is most magnificent about this book is the paper-cut artwork which consists of exquisite black and white laser-cut silhouettes. The story is simplified but the artwork makes this a visual feast.
How to Be a Bigger Bunny New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
How to Be a Bigger Bunny
by Wendell and Florence Minor
Never give up is the motto of this story about a little bunny who reads stories that teach her this valuable lesson. She uses this lesson when her older siblings are trapped in a log. She perseveres and rescues them. We always love when the littlest gets to be a hero!
The Big Fuzzy New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap
The Big Fuzzy
by Caroline Castle , illustrated by Daniel Howarth
Little Sira and her baby brother are ice fishing when something big, white, and fearsome comes up to them. Baby brother happily feeds the Big Fuzzy (a polar bear) all of their fish! When a blizzard comes up, Big Fuzzy keeps the children warm and gives them a fish to eat in a nice plot twisting ending. The illustrations in this sweet story are quite lovely.
One Minute New Stories for the Readers on Your Lap  One Minute page
One Minute
by Somin Ahn
This is an interesting book explaining one minute in life’s situations — for example, it’s short when with friends having a picnic or long when at the dentist getting work done.
new stories to share with children on your lap



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