Adorable One Player Puzzle Game: Squirrels Go Nuts!

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Adorable One Player Puzzle Game: Squirrels Go Nuts!

I like giving kids hands-on (non-electronic) game options that they can play by themselves like this one, Squirrels Go Nuts, meant for ages six and up.

My kids think this is adorable and a fun brain challenge puzzle game. Other bonuses: it’s portable and develops problem solving and spatial skills.

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Squirrels Go Nuts

The game’s goal is to slide the squirrel pieces around the puzzle board so that the squirrels drop the nuts into the holes. Once all the nuts are dropped in holes, you’ve won.

To start, orient the gameboard so that the SmartGames logo is on the bottom. Next, choose a puzzle in the level you want — Starter, Junior, Expert, Master, or Wizard. Then, place the puzzle pieces on the game board to copy the puzzle you choose. Put a nut in front of every squirrel.

To move, slide the squirrels up and down or side to side. The goal is to put the nuts that are in front of the squirrels into a hole. Because it’s time to store nuts for winter…

When you’re done, lift up the game board and the nuts will drop out of the bottom.

If you need answers or a clue, look at the back of the booklet.

We’re giving a copy of this game to my squirrel-obsessed brother-in-law for Christmas. He’s a bit out of the demographic but this game is just so cute!

Adorable One Player Puzzle Game: Squirrels Go Nuts!

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