LEGOs in Space

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LEGO and NASA are partnering on a trip to Jupiter! In fact, three LEGO minifigures will arrive at and orbit Jupiter as part of the Juno Mission starting July 4. And for those of us back here on Earth, we get to create our own space creations out of LEGOs for a chance to win a spot on the LEGO website.

LEGO mini figures visit Jupiter with NASA & give kids back on Earth ways to get involved!

LEGOs in Space

Tyler Sky - Octan Fuel Delivery Rover #1 LEGOs in Space

Get creative with your LEGO bricks to imagine what space would be like. Space topics you might build are:

deep space
space shuttles
space rockets
space stations

Then you must also check out the online activities at for ideas, videos, quizzes, fun facts and games. Watch as one astronaut explains how she sleeps. Read facts about Jupiter. And more.

LEGOs in Space

After you’ve used your LEGO bricks to build what your future in space might look like, take a picture and upload to the Mission to Space gallery at

LEGOs in Space

The winning creation will be featured on LEGO site!

Futuron LEGOs in Space

Photography Tips:

  • Put your LEGO creations on a blank sheet of paper against a blank wall.
  • OR use a piece of scrapbook paper as a background.
  • Make sure your photograph is well-lit. Edit your photo for lighting if necessary.

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